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Hullabaloo at the Airport

A boomerang can be easily used as a metaphor for life. What goes, comes around.

Most of us remember the story about a cap seller teased by a group of monkeys who took away his caps, prancing with them on the branches. The seller had to resort to native intelligence. He threw his cap down and the monkeys copied his actions, resulting in a happy ending for the man. This time the story comes not just with a twist but with rock and roll.

Imagine if you are taking a flight to or from an airport you might get the impression that you are visiting Disney World instead. A friendly simian might be tugging at your hand baggage or would like to share the piece of moist cake you were digging into hungrily. Yes! monkeys have ventured into the airport and are loving it.
If and when you are in a crisscrossing from one terminal to another in a hurry to catch a flight, you might find fruits scattered on the carpeted floor instead of petals. Your movement might be impeded further as there may be cages other than barriers at various check points, replete with fresh fruits. You might be wondering about the sudden bounty of fruits here, there, everywhere. No! No! Don’t even think that they are freely served by airport authorities as a part of a health campaign to detox you. They are offered as a bait to trap the monkeys that have been on the rampage within the airport, creating a menace for everyone around.

This is not a yarn spun by a fiction writer but a leading paper had reported monkeys visiting the Chennai airport as life in the forest might have become too mundane, predictable or un-cool.

The hapless airport authorities at the Chennai airport, during simian raid, had to alert the forest officials who came with alacrity. These officials had to do a lot of monkey business; running, jumping, climbing the railings and scratching their body parts in order to make the primates feel at home. It could have been an award winning performance for one enthusiastic and adventurous official kept hopping around in the lounge, littering the place with bananas and gorging on them at intervals, trying to create a comfort zone for the monkey. His act was so convincing that the monkey felt completely at ease and came down to give the lone man-ape some company. That he was caught in a gunny bag, handed over and released later is just one part of the story.

The story has the making of a sequel for there is another tired monkey still hiding in the false ceiling, traumatic and insecure as he saw his companion being handled with indignity, shoved inside a gunny bag, in front of his eyes.

How long will the airport authorities and forest officials carry on their simian act is not known but if you want to get a freebie; of a wild life safari in a sanitized setting, with real life actors putting up a power packed performance , you know where to head to. What a Brouhaha…….hahahaha!!


More by :  Mamta Joshi

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