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Man is almost mad—mad because he is seeking something which he has already got; mad because he's not aware of who he is; mad because he hopes, desires and then ultimately, feels frustrated. Frustration is bound to be there because you cannot find yourself by seeking; you are already there. The seeking has to stop, the search has to drop.... ~Osho

I suppose it always happens with every one of us that we struggle to find our real self somewhere. We think everything around is mess, I am not able to do anything, or else I am not doing anything. Like a pause in life we stay where we are for quite long time. Even I felt it several times. When I realized this happening to me I preferred to remain silence, passive, inactive...etc. Because I really needed a break. A break is very important thing in all our lives. Today we all are haunted or perhaps crazy for the success and we are running to catch the dream but while chasing our dreams sometimes we feel tired. This is the time to realize that we need a break, but we fail to realize sometimes. Our mind never fails to realize it will rebel if you are not taking break it will bring down your speed, it will make you passive because you were exhausting your brain, body, and mind too.
As Osho has pointed out brilliantly, you will not be able to find yourself somewhere else the answer is within. Don’t think this is the negative phase but it is like silence before storm, your energy will be boosted after this pause/break. Optimism is like Oxygen, and the only difference is we can’t live without Oxygen and we can’t live 'meaningful life' without Optimism. Don’t ever let yourself confidence down because of the break caused out of exertion. Take a break don’t do anything in this phase. I have been experiencing such break after every six months. It obviously means I was working restlessly for six months. I have that much energy and courage to not to stop for six months. Six months is long period isn't It?
Let me tell you how to come out of this break. Fortunately, Today I received a Novel for the review in The Criterion. Reading is my passion, suddenly I started reading the book and while reading the book I found myself, I enthusiastically went on reading because I love reading. Reading is my favorite time pass. For you it may be watching movie, listening music, gardening...... Just start doing what you like most. And you are out of the break, this single act will restore your energy, and your confidence too.


More by :  Dr. Vishwanath Bite

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