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The writer is the conscience keeper of the society. The writer can be a poet, a fiction writer, a novelist, an essayist, an originator of philosophical thought, a spiritual quest and the like. The commentators on all these are also called writers. The commentators may agree with, differ, like, dislike, modify, extend or regulate the expressions of the original writers. The commentators are also called critics, some for and some against the writer.

The writers of natural scientific and social scientific articles; writers writing articles on social and cultural events, cinema, music, drama and the like fine arts and many such avocations are not covered by the term writer. The term writer is generally equated with individuals creating poetry, fiction, novels; thus relating to literature mostly and we can say alone.

Translators are considered though not as writers themselves, but are commended as helpers and propagators of writers.

Writing is a sublime art and natural trait. It is an urge. It is the result of the sensitive and sensible nature of the individual. Writer automatically creates initiated, driven, guided, counseled, regulated, edited, by inner sensitivities. It is in-tuition which makes a writer in response to happenings within and around the individual. No one asks or invites a writer to write something. It is his inner consciousness and conscience which stirs, makes him/her moved and a flow of thoughts and feelings are generated within which take the form of the sentences and are expressed through writing on a paper or now a days through key board.

The sensitized mind or touched heart of the writer will not allow one to rest until he/she gives the thoughts or feelings language form and put on paper or computer screen. Such being the story of creation by a writer, the writers will be possessed by their inner pleasantness, turmoil or the like emotions and intellectual reflections.

All civilizations have writers, encouraged them, adored and admired them; and the aesthetic readers and critics play an important role in making a writer popular, famous, earn name, fame and money and immortality. But all the writers cannot make a profession out of their writing. Most of them do some other job for their livelihood and also create. Very lucky few only can make a profession out of their writings. Whether they are able to make money out of their writings or not all writers make impressions on society through their creations.

The eternal debate whether a writer must write for himself and society indirectly gets benefited or otherwise because of it; or writer must cage himself and be restricted to an ideology, ism or such things goes on. Both types of writers exist in all civilizations and societies. Thus the writer will and shall decide for oneself what to write about and the society and critics always have the choice to accept or reject the writer and his writings.

The tradition that a writer must print his work and then all recognize him/her as a writer is still strong. Even though thousands of websites devoted to literature are available globally, writer becoming famous, earn name, fame and money only by contributing to websites is yet to pick up. The views of the professional critics rate a writer based mostly on his printed matter; and merely readers who enjoy the creations of a writer on websites do not and cannot make a writer a writer. This adherence to print-recognition can give place to web-recognition by readers too; in making a writer a writer.

Most of the websites invariably are eager to get the “printed writers” to their sites rather than the sites themselves initiating efforts to make their “web-writers” also rise to the fame of being called a writer. This will definitely happen. Must be happening elsewhere already. Many writers are dedicated to writing because of their nature and not expecting money, name or fame; and money, name and fame will not adorn all writers equally. Whatever might be the financial, popular and the like position of a writer, a writer invariably continues writing till his/her last breath.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Well stated,sir.The obsession with printed work still persists.One day or the other web-writers and web-publishing will acquire the credit due to them.Regards.

T.S.Chandra Mouli
04-Feb-2012 19:04 PM

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