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Peace Minus Borders Equal To Freedom

What would it be like if there were no borders on earth?

What would it be like to live in peace and harmony, and not only at home, with our neighbors or our friends but with the whole world?

The first thought coming to my mind in this regard is freedom. Freedom to go wherever anyone of us wants to go. Freedom to share with all our fellow citizens of the world. Freedom to share cultures, traditions and beliefs, to learn from and to respect each other but not so to be pulled apart by others' cultures, traditions and beliefs. Freedom to live in peace and harmony. Freedom to grow and develop. Freedom to live within Human Rights (yes, with capital letters).

It is a wonderful thought that hopefully may come true one day. If it happened, there would be no need for discussion, for dispute, to fight or even worse, to make war for any territory with so much loss of lives.

It seems like a far utopia now, but who knows, didn't we have examples through history who have taught us that it is so much better and it is possible to live in peace? Only to state one example of someone who I particularly admire very much, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, yes, that big/noble soul, Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi left us his heritage of non-violence. We seem to have forgotten that he took action in his thinking; we remember it as that, thinking. We should not; we should take action, too.

Mankind can be so smart to learn so many things. Why can't mankind just learn that the real path is peace, love, respect, tolerance and sharing?

Why don't we take action from however the case, our little or big corner? If we did, we might have a better place to live and prepare a great place to live for mankind in the future.

It is common knowledge that it takes one to make a change. If one in many places decides to make a change ' imagine.


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