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Aspiring or Inspiring Relationship?

We have been taught since our existence about do’s and don’ts in a relationship but never been explained how to grow or be mature enough to be a better person and connect to one another. Family is full of positive and negative energies it is your choice whom you want yourself to get influenced with. There are certain incidences which can make you think about the escape plan. But you don’t need one. Trust me.

What you need is a staircase to take a step above all these influences and think broadly. Think about how you can be clear in your mind and not let these negativities affect the very essence of you and your relationship.

Well now the question comes whether your partner is ready to take the same staircase with you? Not necessarily. The problem lies on what you want and expect you better half / partner to do. If he or she is not willing then why should you?

That’s where the maturity comes. If he or she cares a tiniest bit they will realize sooner or later that they need to take that staircase otherwise they might end up losing you.

Sometimes we need to set an example and be a better person to make others realize about our value. If you’ll be ordinary, no one would be concerned. So be a little extra, make extra efforts and love effortlessly. Try to grow in a relationship.

So now it’s your choice to keep on aspiring a dream relation or inspire your relation to become one.


More by :  Prerna Singh

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