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Why do I Write?

Writing is the mother of literature and literature is the compendium in which all kinds of customs, traditions and culture, (knowledge of all sorts) remain stored safely.

Different persons have different aim of their writing. Some write for their pleasure, others for using their free time, somebody’s writing is for pleasing somebody or his/her inspiration or for expressing dedication and tribute.  In view of this, there is not any single aim or objective of writing. It is so because all the writers write according to their conscious, unconscious or sub conscious levels and to their grasping power about the fact.

Writing also plays an essential role in the development of civilization; it adorns anybody’s personality because it is the source of achieving knowledge. The existence of literature can never be imagined without writing. The significance of writing beautifully expressed by Francis Bacon, Father of English Prose; “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”  

As for as my writing is concerned, I write because I wish to immortalize all my thoughts, ideas, feelings including my love, culture, true knowledge and tradition. As we all know very well, alteration is the rule of universe in which as Tennyson wrote: “The old order changeth, and yielding place to new” always. So writing is such a connecting link that brings closer or together the old generation to the new generation or both in a tandem. It is my writing through which I do wish to remain ever connected with the coming generations. Through my writing I shall always take breath in new future and this thing always pleases me, though after the death just as all the dead authors are still alive in their writing. No one can defeat death but it is my writing that will help me to save my precious things and companions from the destructive hand of time.

Last but not the least, I must say I write because “pen is mightier than sword” writing is more powerful than a dangerous and fatal weapon, we have the example of Pope’s satirical poem; An Epistle To Dr. Arbuthnot in which he indirectly condemned the character of Addison although it is named as the portrait of Atticus. Here, to validate my point it would be imperative to quote William Shakespeare’s: “…that in black ink my love may still shine bright”.   “Through writings such as poetry, novels, or whatever, feelings, desires, and all the strong emotions, written inside, due to inhibition, get purged and are expressed in a refined way”.

Simply I write because I think that writing has all kinds of remedy- a perennial panacea to all ails diseases or maladies gripping our society and in environment.


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