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It is past 12, midnight as we all call it, my eyes are still twinkling with brightness and why not, after a good noon’s siesta, with the sweltering heat and humidity that drugs you to sleep, in a place that I now call my very own ... a small buzzling town in South Kanara. I have slept well enough to keep myself awake at night. I am typing away at my laptop,  my son in the adjacent room toiling hard to get some good grades in his upcoming board exams which has been postponed due to some dirty tricks played by some goons in the educational system…

This is indeed a different world, no, not the place or the people, they are my very own….the people, place, ethics, language, culture, climate, food, gossip, conversation, domestic servant, the noise, pollution, the honking of the vehicles for no rhyme or reason... They are all my own as I belong here ... but still the situation I am in, the stillness in the room after 11 pm, the singularity of being temporarily away from my husband, the thought that my daughter is living not so far away but still not able to see her for a long time, my city  where I lived for past 13 years that I left behind …. all these and much more makes me live in a different world….

Tonight as I kept rummaging the music album on my laptop as my net connection conked off (it seems I had exceeded my usage limit hhmmm facebook?) I had nothing better other than playing solitaire, spider cell, hearts…and I switched over to the music files, knowing I did not have much options as the music library was full of my teenage children's songs and we do not belong to the same genre of music listeners….so it was just jumping from one to the next and bingo! I land upon a very sweet song of yesteryears ‘what a wonderful world’…and it’s sweet , meaningful lyrics and tone brings a smile to my face that I relate with my son’s choice, something, somewhere we are together…isn’t it a lovely feeling when in this fast paced world, when we do not know what’s in store for us tomorrow, when we hear terrible things happening to people….we find that there is that something which still binds us…music is the soul, the breath, the essence of our life that brings some meaning to it…

just some random thoughts at an unearthly hour straying across my mind which I felt to lay down in black and white….good night!


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