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Life: A Marathon in Four Seasons

What is life? We float in wonderment of this vast ‘bang’ in our minds…Often reflecting at the usage of our efforts in succeeding to higher limits. Dismal when such efforts have not met with our accordance of what constitutes “success”. We plea and compromise, love and hate, kill and reincarnate ourselves almost daily.  We live in thinking, afraid of renouncing ourselves to burning sensation, or be beaten to a pulp to the rat race unmercifully imposed on our existence.  A free person is as courageous in-timely retreat as in combat, or, a free person shows equal courage or presence of mind, whether one elects to give battle or to retreat.
Everyone judges what is good according to one’s disposition; whereas an ignorant person, who has conferred a benefit on another, puts their own estimate upon it, and, if it appears to be estimated less highly by the receiver, shall feel pangs of despair. Why give estimation such importance? Greed is followed by hate, hate followed by death of the soul. In a game of chess, both the king and the pawn shall return to the same box – at the end of the game …..Our lives resemble the game of chess, for we are all playing the strategy and objective fields. Some need to lose….Some need to win. Yes, that, ‘race-marathon’!   Success, in my view, can only be obtained through sharing of knowledge and inviting a wealth of intellect, compassion for the weaker, whilst, the belief of annihilating greed is of high importance for a spiritual awakening.
There are beautiful gardens, the fresh fragrance of youth echoing in my heart. There is a myriad of dreams in the horizon, where the restrictions of human-made life has torn the wings, but not defeated the universal love for bliss, hope and inspiration. The material race  marathon shall not consume my spirit for delving in the success of emotions. The sun rays burn bright, the sweat of livelihood is compulsory, but, not at the murder of our souls. Moon shines without much invitation, but, it remains steadfast in its delivery of light night upon night. The greatest success is in our heart, whereupon, the rays of love can only inspire the most brittle soul. Surely, the race marathon is clocked upon us every hour of every day, but, if we permit another type of  race, where we are breathing the air, enjoying the melody of Spring birds, letting the ice-cream melt without fussing to clean our hands, where we are not afraid to watch the sunset without aggravating ourselves with time, nor, we are in constant need to prove ourselves to minuscule people who propel our minds to over achievement.  For a change not asking our Creator for mercy of good tidings, but, playfully laughing with Him, with tears of happiness for giving us this moment to ‘live’.  Why should we live our lives in constant fear of failure?  The only purification of trapped thoughts can be made to rest by ‘freeing’ our minds by lifting our hearts to the less and destitute human, who can wipe  the fear of our own-selves by exalting pride – certainly I have no tolerance for banality and I stay miles away from vapidity of the sorts, thus- far, it has been my saving grace. My friends, there really is no such thing as “success” if we have lost ourselves completely and blinded ourselves to those marginalised people who need our voice when their tongues have run dry. It would be referred to as, sold ourselves in life’s bazaar for the most cheapest auction, but the most cost divided of our soul, heart and mind.  I intend to follow my trail of dreams, where I shall leave the ’race marathon’ to the jejuneness people, for I am indulging in cultivating space for spirituality, creativity, nature, knowledge and music. My race begins of deriving the internal peace and walking in the crisp winter December day, white snow flakes falling like tiny diamonds from the sky ! I wonder if classical composer Antonio Vivaldi was feeling akin to my thoughts when he composed  ‘ The Four Seasons’ a set of four violin concertos in 1723 – as ‘Winter’ being my favourite piece?!  Ah! Life… a race marathon in the four seasons – but a race of  seeking internal bliss.


More by :  Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

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