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How India Survives?

When you enter the home of a friend or a new person, you can easily find out whether the home is healthy, positive, clean and flourishing. At the same time you cannot miss if it lacks in all these facets. The behavior or body language of the people, however, smart or intelligent you may be, will surely make you understand whether your presence is liked or you are a persona non grata. My visits to other countries have made me think this aspect.

First it is the environment. The air and the ambience clearly show that you are in a place which is clean and healthy. When you travel by the road to your destination you can find the country whether they it respects nature, prefer cleanliness etc.

But, imagine someone entering India, the newly expanded and maintained airports may be clean and luxurious; but once they come out they were invariably swarmed by the auto and taxi people with the sole idea of cheating and fleecing, the squalor one could see if you walk further, the piles of garbage, the unbearable stench and the fast moving people with least care for anyone will make one feel positively disgusted and alarmed.

But, we still claim ourselves to be the most spiritually superior, intellectually strong, and those who welcome and respect the guests. ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’. To cheat whom we coin and use these phrases?

A mind boggling 1200 million population, forty percent of them below poverty line, twenty eight states differentiated by languages, 23 languages and 26 dialects and 7 different religions and innumerable castes, divisions and subdivisions is what is called India. If we feel and think that we practice ‘unity in diversity’ it cannot but be a biggest hoax. The political pundits who control of the whole nation are the highly corrupt sect of population who can stoop to any level for the sake of money and power.

Our belief in religion is more by practice than by faith. Here also it is all for material benefits inwardly but outwardly feigning philosophical. Religion and caste system in India is used more for cruelty than for any development.

India is considered as one among the biggest nations practicing true ‘democracy’. If any and everyone can be made popular or unpopular through the ruthless, money minded media, people go to any extent for the sake of money and popularity, if the government shows sympathy to criminals and a section of population thrive simply on violence and disobedience are construed as ‘democracy’, India will win hands down.

Every drawback and misconduct of the country is attributed simply to the poverty, which is a blatant lie.

Still India endures and survives. I feel that it is not because of any philosophy or education. It is because the main major instinct of any living specie; the urge to survive.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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