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States within State!

In our country India we have so many "independent" governments within central and state governments. These institutions care nothing for the laws of the nation. The god-men-women, their private empires are never answerable to law-enforcing authorities and they flout the norms with impunity. They even challenge Indian police with their private armies. Who will make these fools realize that declaring oneself a Divine or special person will not make them eligible to defy the government with all their ignorance and they are bound to obey Indian government? Their political friends help them to defy or ignore directions from law-enforcing authorities in return for influencing votes during elections. This nexus undermines governmental authority and makes fun of law-abiding citizens.

The less said about the politician rulers the best it is. They are governments unto themselves and in guarding and protecting their vested interests and anti-social acts.

The sports administrations like cricket are audacious enough to feel that it is not Indian cricket team but its own. It is made to come to its senses in earlier and present court proceedings.

Corporate big wigs can buy everything and everyone with their money to safeguard their interests.

Celebrities have their own ways of dodging law and rules and continue in the limelight unabashedly.

Thus only middle class citizens have to obey laws of nation and rules of governance. Even lower middle class can blackmail politicians and governments with their vote-bank strengths.

It is really pathetic to live in such an atmosphere as law-abiding citizen. This free for all; with no inner party democracy and or conscience among for all most all political parties, is further vitiating the social and political scene of our society and nation. intellectuals of the nation are divided according to their faith and ideology and can not or will not challenge these States within States. Wish responsible and patriotic intellectuals arise and lead and guide nation.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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