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President Trump and Prime Minnister Modi

I am surprised and find the democratic spirit wanting in the people who criticise day in and day out saying all nasty things about President Trump and Prime Minister Modi. One of them is constitutional head of their nation and the other chief constitutional personality of his nation. Both are democratically elected constitutional powers. But many continue to deride them for reasons not democratic. And President Trump rightly asked his baiters "why didn't you come and vote?" Had all of them voted, and they are in majority Trump might not have been elected as President of United States of America. It is so obvious and common sense thing! It is dishonouring the democratic spirit shown by majority of voters, which these "democratically spirited" baiters want not to recognise and vouch for his removal.

Similar is the case with Modi.

In America if they want they can impeach their President and in India the Prime Minister can be dethroned through democratic, judicial like processes. Instead of following democratic procedures to make these authorities demit their office, any amount of disinformation campaign by media, frustrated politicians, wounded intellectuals, emotional cowards is not going to displace these constitutional authorities to from their offices. Then why these vain and undemocratic shouts?


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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