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In Search for Justice and God

If someone comes and tells me still that India is a philosophical country, I cannot but laugh out loudly. If at all, some Samaritan waxes eloquent on ‘nature’s justice’ I need to sneer at him. If any human believes and waits for ‘the mills of God to grind slowly but definitely’, I should feel sorry for him. The last two days events in the entire Tamil Nadu state wiped completely my faith in anything so-called ‘good’ begets ‘good’.

The death of a nonagenarian politician known for his rationalism, favoritism, nepotism, political chicanery above all introducing maximum corruption and the public is the case in point. The massive unruly mob gathered, the media’s high voltage response and coverage and the limitless encomiums showered on him by every other person proved the above. Factually, the old and haggard political leader had become more like a vegetable for the past one and half years and all his faculties had failed because of ageing. His followers gathered in large numbers outside the hospital where he was treated shouting ‘come back victoriously’ made me surprised. What will he do by coming back with all his faculties dead? Serve them? He didn’t do it when he was active in politics except that he took care of his large family by inducting his sons and daughter in politics and amassed wealth disproportionate to his income through cleverly crafted corrupt practices.

All the other state politicians came and honored him for nothing. Either he or the earlier convicted chief minister of Tamil Nadu had never maintained any cordial relationship with any of the neighboring states at any point of time. The politician’s banyan tree like family demanded a ‘specific’ place to ‘bury’ him. Why? Is it the place or the stature of a leader command respect or the place?

Even religious and philosophical gurus magnanimously offered condolences for his death though the deceased politician had only given derisive remarks and comments on them on many occasions.

All these apart, I wanted to know what exactly India’s philosophy, to live eternally or dead at one point of time? Scientifically death is inevitable. The only confirmed fact about any new born is that one day it has to die! Whether that infant becomes a king or pauper is based on luck.

In my life I have seen the most undeserving getting all the benefits of life while the deserving languish in problems and penury.

Philosophy and religion are escape routes for men and to cheat others as well as cheat self. India is emerging into the most corrupt and despicable, dirty nation with the ever increasing population.

If one expects justice from court they are fools because the Supreme court judges are loggerheads with each other. Further, we all know the God of Justice is blindfolded. So there is nothing called justice at least in this nation.

Do you expect Nature’s justice by God? Lol! That will be a bigger laugh! Our officials and sculptors have been stealing the statues of gods and goddesses and sell them to other countries stealthily for years! So someone who is a victim of man’s greed, how do you think he/she can give punishment?

We will only keep talking. Talk on these topics endlessly and fool ourselves for our entire life in the process of searching for nonexistent ‘justice’ and ‘God’.

In my view India is not a country, but a chaos!


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