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Asatyamev Jayate

It is true that as age advances one becomes cynical; it is true that with progress old views and notions become redundant; it is true that the values too change with time; therefore, some of the catchphrase considered noble and factual once become ridiculous later. These impressions crossed this sexagenarian’s mind when I watched the actor turned activist Aamir Khan’s popular television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’

Does truth always win? Perhaps. But in my life, I have seen more ‘asatya’ winning over ‘satya’. Please don’t try to convince me that ‘the ultimate’ winner will be ‘the truth’. Even the last ‘yuga’ war at Kurushetra was supposed to be ‘dharma’ against ‘adharma’. But, there too Lord Krishna himself indulged in so much ‘adharma’ activities to win over it. Anyway, let us leave it and come to the present. 

We, the Indians are considered to be more steeped in ethical, moral, family oriented, philosophical and god fearing lot compared to the entire universe and especially to the unbridled freedom seekers of the west. Unfortunately, we invariably pass our value judgment based from the angle of ‘sex’ only which is still considered sanctimonious but suppressed one. However, when it comes to the area of public discipline and professional lives they are more honest than us where we lag millions of kilometers behind. 

Just recall the five episodes of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. The first dealt with the female foeticide; poverty, dowry evil and the belief only a male can be a heir and carry on the lineage of the family were considered as the reasons. In the west there are no women presidents, prime ministers or chief ministers. Yet they don’t annihilate the female fetus. 

The second one brought to light the child abuse. Foreigners don’t consider children as angels or gods or their great asset whereas in India we do. If such evil exists there it is understandable. But surprisingly, fifty percentage of our ‘little gods’ are abused; why? No answer. 

The fourth show focused on doctors and poor health care in India. The doctors, medical colleges and the hospitals openly fleece the public and go without punishment whereas in England several unethical medical practitioners are disqualified every year. 

The fifth episode discussed on love marriages and how the parents and the community oppose it and even have gone to the extent of murdering the girl and the boy. We are the population who wax eloquent on parentage and the value of children but procreating without shame. 

Where is ‘Satya’ when such crimes and cruelties are abundant in a society? 

A completely unknown old man suddenly shot to prominence as a hero through the press and the media and staged a major drama on anticorruption and today he had turned out to be a comedian. In the same way, a multi million power project was halted by a novice NRI under the garb of protecting the environment and lives of fishermen. Where is he now? The government ruling the nation is riddled with loads of scams to their credit than achievements. 

In this country what is truth and what is untruth? Does truth prevail anywhere? 

Satyamev Jayate’ can only be another popular slogan in India; it can be another interesting tele show for sometime. But, it can never win. Correct me if I am wrong. 


More by :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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Comment No Lord did not do any adharmic act .. He used some tricks to fall Bhishma and Drona...

Even in Drona's case, Awathama Hata Kunjara " was truth ......BUT Dhrishtadyumna did kill Drona a grave adharma for Dronacharya being a Brahmin.....

But Arjuna never did any mistake.... correct your understanding on dharma and read Vyasa's Mahabharatha... not tele serials or current narrations.

Btw coming to present age all are corrupt..... and one corrupt is harassing others..... Tell me who is stead fast in varna shrama dharma????

08-Jul-2012 08:52 AM

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