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Earning And Learning!

''Tendulkar should retire''. My friend thumped the table angrily.

''No!'' I said.

''Yes''  he retorted.'' He has lost his touch. He must realize that he cannot fight against age''.

''You are parroting the editorial of  The Telegraph'' I sneered.

''But he should retire'' he continued.

''No'' I said stoically. Yes, no, yes, no...

''OK, OK'' I tried to be placatory. '' Give me another reason''.

''He has enough money. He should give others a chance''.

''To earn or to play?'' I quizzed.

''Both'' my friend replied. '' Moreover, does he think he will break all records?''.

''That's not the point my friend. The point is that earning and learning go hand in hand. That is our latest education manifesto!''.

''Well I never looked at it from this perspective''. He paused. Then:

''Actually I meant that he should retire before he turns into an all rounder. You know, bowling, batting, keeping, adding...''.

''Adding?'' I asked. ''Adding what?''.

''Advertisements you Fool!''.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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