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Another day passed by and I suddenly realized how fast it appeared to go. That is a lesson life teaches us, that − the speed of time may be the same but its appearance is quite different − sometimes it appears to go faster than it does on the other times. As we − my spouse and I, were walking past the Paddle Ball course, we observed that all players, about 50 of them, were prim and trim, but it was all appearance − there appeared to be jealousy and tension amongst them, and it appeared that time for them was not going as fast as it should have, at least for most of them. They appeared to be slightly grim. And I began to reflect on the main issue of life that no one talks about, but which bothers almost all − Death.

It is related to time, and that is why a time that is either slow or fast is not at all good. Time must be allowed to go on its own speed − did you get that? There should be no tension or no relaxation whatsoever in the mind. That really is the main purpose of living − to observe time in its own speed all the time. Winning a game or losing a game of Paddle ball should mean the same. So think how is your game going on?

And finally we reached the Bank where we were going − Paul as usual was all smile and waspleasant and sent a Fax for me as I had requested, I am a client and he is the customer service Branch Manager. It took him a lot longer to Fax one page, I thought, than it normally should have and I was anxious to know as to what happened. Why it took so long? But, he is so nice I did not ask him, his smile reassured me that he perhaps stopped at the men’s room, hey I just guessed thatand we, my spouse and I started to walk back home.

I logged on, checked my e-mails - earlier in the morning I had sent many about the beautiful life in India and received few responses, a lot less than I had expected, but then who has time to read e-mails − everyone thinks e-mails are passé and a nuisance, a robber of time, time that appears to be going faster than normal. That is how I know that all of us have lost respect for time or really Death and unfortunately they, both time and Death, have lost respect for us too.

I found that my Doctor had e-mailed me the results of my blood test − almost all my numbers were flagged “H”, and it appeared my time is moving faster than it should. Well what can I do − he says exercise, eat less and have no stress. I do exercise and do not take too many calories and have very little stress − but the numbers do not budge and time is going really fast; another day has passed and I suddenly realize how fast the time is going.

I rarely look back and as I am writing this something tells me to do just that − look back. And right away I go back to the Day I was born – a Friday and near Noon when the Moon was in the Constellation (Nakshtra) of Krittika. That stamped the time for me, my birthday, just like it is stamped for everyone. And since time immemorial humans have tried to figure out ones fate based on ones time of birth; and now even the bright scientist of the World have concluded there is nothing like free will − everything in life is predestined, including the so called hard work and effort one makes. If it is not in ones fate it will not happen, period! That is why one should let time be observed in its own speed − because Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)! Fate is another name of Time − accept it, time that is. “Outside a cemetery”, a friend of mine recently sent me a e-mail telling this, “It was written – ‘everyone buried here thought that the World will stop functioning - if one left it’. The World, quite the opposite became a better place after they left. What an irony!”

Do you know your Constellation (Nakshatra) on your birthday? You perhaps do not care − but do not forget Time does care − and it is tolling for you too! Let it not slow down or speed up. Go to the Doctor, get you numbers checked − eat less, do your exercise and have no stress and then sing the song Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) − with a SMILE, a big grin on your beautiful face where the constellation was stamped the moment you started to cry. The idea is to go with a smile. SMILE- SMILE-SMILE − and do it all the time, always; it does regulate the speed of time to its actual time, smile is the regulator you got!

Time will go smoothly and you will live long and when she comes the “D” thing you will be smiling ! HA, HA.


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