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The Indifference of the Citizens!

It seems we are having a heavy dose of exposures. The concerned are not at all bothered; must be they are sure that nothing happens to them because of these "noises". And they are so "great" they need not react to these "small" things.

And the voters are behind them; that is their confidence. No TV exposures can do any harm to them and they can continue what they are doing colluding more happily leaving patriotism, rules, propriety to winds and still being "respected" for the positions they "hold".

When common citizens are unaware of and indifferent to these "elite" "crimes" of the politicians, corporate chiefs, corrupt officials, criminals who belong to same "caste", the "looters" or "illegal amassaers" caste they can enjoy their power and deceit forever.

As long as citizens love money, have blind affiliation, no knowledge about the goings on in governments or parties, and admire and adore all and sundry and vote for them, it is difficult to book and punish these wrong doers.

The citizens' indifference or incapability or divisions among them is the strength of the corrupt and criminal minded gangs.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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