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Today I happened to read about the famous music duo Shankar Jaikishen in ‘Filmfare’ and there was a mention of their most popular song ‘Yaad Na Jaaye’ from ‘Dil Ek Mandir’ by Mohammed Rafi. Instinctively, I wanted to hear the song again and the internet came handy and I could listen to that melodious, heart wrenching number in the soft and sober voice of Rafi.
‘Yaad Na Jayee, Beetaen Dino Ki’…how true the words of Shailendra for many persons like me. I was in school at the time ‘Dil Ek Mandir’ was released and I have watched only its Tamil original ‘Nenjil Oar Alayam’. But, after listening to Hindi songs after ‘Aaradhana’ in 1969, many of the Vivdh Bharati’s programs and Radio Ceylon introduced me to the Hindi film songs of that golden era of all times and I too started enjoying them.
The songs of those times were known to me mostly only through sound and not visual. Irrespective of the actors and actresses and movies, the songs and the music were melodious and used to touch my heart more closely; because it allowed me to visualize my own scene for the song. The music, the voices and the lyrics only made the impact.
On listening the song ‘Yaad Na Jaaye’ today took me back to many of my college days and even some of the events which I could never forget in my life. I do have an extraordinary memory which many times proved to be a bane than blessing. In the song, of course, he sings about his former lover and her unforgettable image. The song brought me the many happy and sad moments and people of the past which are still in my memory that could not be erased.
You may not believe. I played and replayed the song several times and started feeling a heavy heart and tears started rolling down my cheek automatically.
Is it not a wonder that a song kindles one’s soul and memory and make one weep? The days and people who have come and gone out of one’s life are not going to reappear again. But, somehow we keep going and going towards the inevitable end.
Not that I was rich or handsome or full of success and victories in my life. Yet, the song reminded me of my gone youth, success and failures, painful moments, happy situations, people who loved and who betrayed, opportunities missed and blessed and places visited……I can keep on writing. But, the truth is remembering them whether happy or sad is just painful. I want time to stand still at happy moments and leave the sad ones.
I thank the internet for stirring my past and made me cry.
But, the fact is time and memories do not stop for anyone. We only have to keep moving on.


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Comment Thank you Mr. Rajamane for your comments for my writeup written six years before. But the contents are relevant at any point of time. That must be the reason when I posted this a year back in my FB also it was responded by many. The Hindi touched me more because of its general reference to time and memories and for me the tune was more poignant. How can one forget the Nenjil Oar Aalayam song 'Engirunthaalum vazhga' sung by AL Raghavan not AM Raja.
Equally a melodic number. No doubt.

G Swaminathan
24-Apr-2020 06:34 AM

Comment Good writing. I agree with you. I wish you to comment on the corresponding Tamil scene Tamil song of Kalyanakumar with voice the great A M Raja. Both are very good. But, I felt, Director Sridhar made the scene more touching by changing the basics of the lyrics. Hindi songs remembers past and Tamil song wishes his ex all the best.

N P Rajamane PhD
23-Apr-2020 12:03 PM

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