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Have you ever noticed something that really is setting the agenda here and everybody seems to have absolutely overlooked?

Even as more and more public anger spills over into the streets in the garb of unrest, rebellions and the ultimate media declared/self-styled revolutions (Algeria, Egypt, pre-Putin Russia, Libya and now on going Syria and now India) how just nothing seems to be changing on the ground, just how irrelevant each one of these weekend- revolutions are increasingly becoming, no matter how relevant and just they are, as they bloom and die down as quickly as the next episode of mega-serials?

You know why?

Because of the devilish iron-grip of technology that has not only been able to overcome even the sheer numbers that a mass uprising can produce, but actually have become force multipliers in an increasingly unfair and unequal fight between the oppressed and the ultimate powers-that-be.

This is my view and I am willing to stick my neck out.... The microchip has subverted and ultimately overpowered all revolutions in the truest sense of that word.

The good old days of Give me blood I'll give you freedom are well and truly over. And this again is the new normal.

Women will continue to be raped
Rich will get even richer
The marginalized will get even more marginalized
The oppressors will turn even more oppressive

And no one can do anything about it, because of the overwhelming superiority nay supremacy nay absolute dominance of yes that f-word called technology!

Because what we are witnessing in this complete anarchy around us might well and truly be something of an epochal cross-roads for the entire human civilization as a whole but in a completely different black-swannish manner. It is the beginning of the end for the civilization as the entity we know it.

The machines have truly arisen. And we can do nothing about it. We, the entire human race have bartered away our freedom to force change at the altar of greed. That ever inflating want for more and more for less and less in even lesser time.

And now we have Nothing!


More by :  Pradip Basu

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