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The Western Block and Intervention in Syria

The western block countries are at it again!! Their defeats or set backs in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and various Asian, European and African nations are not deterring them from militarily intervening in Syria. Some commentators have observed that the arms manufacturers in these countries are eager to make huge profits from selling all kinds of military equipment to the warring groups in nations and between and among nations. It is really unfortunate to do business on the bloodshed of humans.

Nothing can stop these champions and protectors of human rights, civil liberties and democracy and like civilized functions from spreading and heaping on other countries even by intervening militarily. And they continue doing all kinds of deeds against this civil and civilized spirit by allowing flight renditions, concentration camps, military interventions, spying their own and other countries' citizens by completely compromising their privacy and trust, to save all "civilized" principles as conceived, follwed, and nurtured by them only in preaching.

Where they are leading the world and globe? When they will realize that their interventions are bringing more problems and the peace of the world is continuing to be disturbed by these unilateral deeds of the western block countries.

What is beneficial to this block is imposed on rest of the world in the name of high ideals which they themselves do not follow citing various laughable explanations and non-caring or careless attitude for the welfare of the whole globe and are confining to protect their countries from terrorist attacks.

Peculiarly they expect and want rest of the countries to fall to their dictates even by ignoring the individual country's welfare and well-being and  of its citizens.

This type of attitude reminds us, all the dictators of the old world who never care for anyone or any thing and only want their whims and fancies to rule the rest of beings.

This is an unfortunate, sad and destructive behavior from these most "civilized" nations and champions of high ideals. They are rich in money but not rich in possessing and practicing compassion and like divine and serene qualities.

Their language is only diplomatic and very less agreeable or useful to the rest of world. Their lack of concern for the peaceful living of rest of the world is indeed unwelcome and definitely is not civilized.

Asia and Africa seem to be military grounds for America and Europe.

Great civilization is being followed and spread!! Lord save the world!!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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