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Tales Told with Full of Sound and Fury!

With sound and fury the storm crossed the seashore; but the destruction left behind is beyond words to say. The hue and cry of the people was heard endless despite the enormous relief offered for a little solace. For, material compensation can’t equalize human loss! The irreparable tragedy occurred and passed unnoticed; the unexpected Nature’s fury is beyond human control however powerful man is over Nature certain times.

There are people who raise issues with sound and fury. When asked for solution they simply giggle and laugh pointing the askers ridiculously “are you joking?” And say challengingly “when our pots are not boiling, let us see how your pots can boil” with sound and fury!


Discipline begins in education and stabilizes in work. It kindles love to know truth and love to do service. Love of God is the beginning of knowledge or wisdom. Wisdom lies in love and knowledge, sweet and light. Noise and force are tactics of savage to do all by fear. Sweet and light are the means of wise to do all by love. Indeed not by fear but love only all can be achieved!

One God

Names of God may be many but God is one only! World religions are many but faith in God is the same though with sound and fury or sweet and light we pray; but religionists fight with sound and fury for identity; and so, differences come up putting people in perplexity!

Politicians of All Nations

Israelis or Palestinians, Indians or Pakistanis or Chinese, Muslims or Christians, Hindus or Muslims or Jews, flesh, bone and blood are of the same Homo sapiens. Politicians of all nations are supposed to serve the people, but what the hell are they doing everywhere in everything!

As mosquitoes they breed corruption and sell national secrets; drain national wealth as rivers wastefully flowing into the seas; rule not to bring peace and prosperity but perpetuate poverty;
class, colour and creed they use to divide and rule the country! For their advantage they split society to breed rivalry forever; encourage hatred, violence with sound and fury to play politics
and developments grow less and less and parties more and more!

World Economy

World economy survives by natural resources and population. Food, water, energy and raw materials are nation’s wealth. Marxism, Leninism, Maoism cannot solve economic problems.
Smith, Malthus, Mill cannot be neglected in economic thought. Marshall, Keynes cannot be ignored to balance surplus and deficit. But rich and poor differences lead to eternal inequality problem! Material values always go against human values in the world; so, modern economic thoughts should connect the two values.

But economic equality alone cannot solve other inequalities in life! Disparities of race, class and creed blind mind and character; exploited class by revolution becomes slaves of new regime; Communism/Socialism has met with the fate of Nazism/fascism! Now socialistic democracy seems to be welcomed by world societies.

Change and Not Revolution Needed

Slogans of secessionism with sound and fury trivial parties raise; yet tradition and convention keep society passive and fatalistic. Individuals by education realize rights and liberties in the society. Society needs change by reform for liberty, equality and justice but not by bloody revolution socialistic society should be formed.

Regionalism Root Cause

Regionalism too raises its ugly head with heat and boils often, increases the gap between North and South and East and West. Thus came differences of Aryans, Dravidians, whites and blacks;
now territorial disputes and unemployment problems threaten all! Domination of alien languages and cultures destroyed native ones and regionalism is bursting with sound and fury now and then! So, water and energy crises bring border disputes and conflicts and members of same family have to live in opposite camps!

Linguistic Fanaticism

Linguistic fanaticism and culture erupt like eternal volcano; linguistic barriers besides others disintegrate unity forever. Language agitations rock sky high with full of sound and fury instigating people to violence and destruction of dear culture. Senseless propaganda of controversial language breeds enmity; thrust of half baked language fails to synch with modernity. Every language is a means of communication among men. Change of common language by rulers retards social progress; so, simple and advanced common language only can solve all.

All Differences

Religious differences create enmity with full of sound and fury. Political propaganda triggers violence with full of sound and fury. Social differences disintegrate people with full of sound and fury. Regionalism fosters permanent splits with full of sound and fury. Linguistic fanaticism flares up madness with full of sound and fury.

Peace and Stability

Clash of these circles create intolerable complexities and chaos. World heading to such catastrophes has no brake to bear them. The smooth function of the world lies in the hands of peace lovers. Peace and stability alone promote vital creative and inventive works. Art and science activate peaceful works of beauty and benefit for all. Culture and civilization make the world a better place to live forever, but bad acts provoked by words full of sound and fury mar the world.

Without peace and stability creations and inventions cannot go on. Art and science cannot thrive to uphold world culture and civilization. Disparities and differences should be forgotten to promote peace. Friendship and integrity should be fostered to promote stability. For that, concerned people should come out of the circles of crises and see things as they really are not from within but from outside. Then only all world nations can function as one world family forever. That is the dream of many a great soul yesterday, today and forever!


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