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The Beauty and the Burden

Can good looks be a bad for your personality? Illogical though it may seem, this is apparently a hot topic for research with psychologists. Several research studies conducted in various universities indicate that good lookers have a tough time convincing people about their intentions and their capabilities. There are stereotyped ideas about beautiful women and handsome hunks that need to be battled constantly, they say. No matter what time and age we live in these ideas never seem to become passé - a blonde is an airhead, the brunette an empty vessel and the hunk is a duh.

Cybil Shepherd is known to have said that while beauty opens or closes doors, it also brings out falsity and cruelty. People assume a lot of things especially about the character of the person and come with preset ideas, and feel that an attractive girl is easy game and get her way around purely on the attractiveness quotient. In that sense definitely, an attractive physical appearance can be a millstone round your neck.

In another interview, Raquel Welch has corroborated this viewpoint. She says she was more intimidated by her image than anyone else: “I mean, there's a tremendous loss of self, because you really are in a job where this image has been created... I like beautiful people, I like beautiful things, I like beautiful poems... but things aren't beautiful without substance.” People tend to objectify you, she feels.

There is this other idea that that because you are beautiful life must a ball for you. Absence of conflict and pain are often associated with the life of beautiful people, while we know the contrary to be true. The most beautiful women we know have had the most tragic lives - be it Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Nargis or Meena Kumari.

Jane Fonda ran a personal campaign to dissuade women from going in for nose jobs and wrinkle treatments. She says throughout her travels across the world she has been observing women and their features and what she noticed she has found disturbing.  Cosmetic surgeons are wiping out the unique natural beauty that every human face has, instead it is getting replaced with a uniform look.

Even Cleopatra nose and porcelain skin can start to look boring if you find it on face after face! Fonda says people in Hollywood she meets are beginning to look alike and it is refreshing to meet real people, untouched by the surgeon’s scalpel.

Many beautiful women are known to have cried themselves to sleep at nights wishing they were ugly because they just couldn’t cope with the expectations that came along with their looks. It is unfortunate that no matter how technologically advanced we become we still live with such outdated ideas.


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