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Sociologic Apocalypse

Elucidation and definition of life appear nebulous in our regular pursuit and endeavour to catch up with our dream, aspiration and ambition. At the end of the day we end up groping in the dark while walking through the maze of life. We perhaps conclude that life is an enigma. It is not. Life is simple but we make it complex. We aspire to achieve everything during our meteoric life. If we don’t see the light at the end of tunnel we shift our focus to our next generation.

We look for vicarious pleasure by forcing our children to touch the moon, knowing very well that it not everyone’s cup of tea. Thereby we shove them against a rock solid future of obscurity. We pray to god. We have firm conviction at our subconscious mind that prayers only will not do. We need to exert and devote some time for self assessment. The earth is beautiful. The world is beautiful. We need to realize that we are so privileged to make our foot prints on mother earth which is so far only known human habitat is our boundless and incalculable vast universe of eternity. We must make it a point to take oath that we need to enjoy here and make friends, involve in meaningful relationship and create a future for our next generations. We have no right to spoil the natural aura of the land.

All are born and brought up at the most trusted lap of beloved mother. We were born innocent, humble and naïve. Slowly we start gathering wisdom by looking around the surroundings. These gullible lots fall prey to the claws of inhumanity. They are shown carrots even if it is found nowhere near. Some clairvoyant and prescient people will show a door towards golden tomorrow but no one knows what waits on the other side- perhaps an obscure or stygian black future. They convince in such a way that one will be compelled to see jaded dreams.

The children alone can’t be blamed. Of late we have seen some grown up educated lots have fall prey to such power hungry political or social protagonists. There starts a cult culture as different protagonists have different dogma of faith, different belief and above all different set of agenda to fulfil their own interests. There start bigotry under the close supervision of such arriviste people. All these are no doubt, inimical to the interest of people in particular and nation in general. Finally all such activities will obfuscate the basic essence of life and stymie the development of nation. The political and social antagonism aided by vituperation, opprobrium and invective streams will lead to serious insidious problems and finally we arrive at dystopia.

Can’t we ameliorate our living standard and make a coherent bond with friends and society at large? Of course we can do. As stated earlier we need to go beyond egotism and egomania and embrace the society as one wherein all may have different opinion but all directed towards a utopian society. We need to respect all religions, castes and people with varying economic conditions. We need to come out of the cocooned shell of hypocrisy and relish the beauty of the universe with our friends and society by our side. If we unite then no political or religious preachers will not dare to tread in our domain and we perhaps can survive an sociological apocalypse.


More by :  Abhijit Sur

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