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Give a Face-lift to your Interior Design in 2015

Last year lots of Interior designers have had a mixture of hope and concern regarding the design trends within the country and abroad. The strong government at the centre and good economic news on the front of employment, economy, real estate, and housing has given new hopes to this industry that in the coming day’s lots of money is being spent on renovation and development of commercial residential spaces. So many of industry experts believe that these are the strong indicators which may prove to be beneficial for the entire interior design industry, but some also believes that despite these positive economic trends, the challenges will remain among the interior world, the top concerns include proving the value of professional interior design and attracting new clients.

Apart from all these ups and downs, this year we are going to see many influential interior design color patterns which are coming from the world of fashion in 2015. In the world of global design, we would be able to see many vibrant colors not only within the interior décor but also within the exterior world of design.

In the upcoming days, you will also see the most sophisticated color combinations in the wall designs whether it is wall panel wall paper ceiling flooring. The color block effect also receives a new meaning in the upcoming season with a combination of muted pastels, shades inspired by the world of spices, lots of greens, yellows, and purple s. The new 3D designer furniture for bathrooms, living rooms, kids  rooms will also see a growth within 2015 as a part of this trend where a continuous experiment is done to lure the customers and designers.   

Now in 2015 Natural products are much on demand, especially in larger purchases like cars, leather, sofas or carpet. Furthermore, Green continues to gain strength from its association with the growing shift toward eco-consciousness. It will show up in everything from fabrics to accessories to countertops and lots more in the interior design trend.


More by :  Purushottam Shrivastava

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