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Was there an Aryan Invasion?

How many have studied about “India’s Aryan Invasion” in school? Possibly everyone?

Recent research indicates that was perhaps an imperialist theory; a successful attempt at cultural imperialism, to prove the superiority of Occidental culture and to give the British an unholy cover for their presence in India at all -- that they were merely repeating what had been done in the hoary past.

It offered Occidental culture a false antiquity beyond ancient Vedic culture, and served to split India into a northern Aryan and a southern Dravidian culture that still festers. In short, an instrument for subjugation that negates the Dravidian culture being an early offshoot of the Vedic, through Agastya, and that there were migrations from India, across the Asian landmass into Europe up to Germany: “The Return of the Aryans” by Dr. Bhagwandas Gidwani.

Led by Max Mueller and other Christian scholars steeped in Biblical chronology, an arbitrary date of 1500 B C was chosen post The Great Flood, so that Vedic culture would be ‘learning’? from the ancestors of the Occident, rather than the other way round. It also served to shroud all the ancient Vedas, Upanishads, epics etc. as “myths” to allow questioning their validity.

A dark vs light skinned struggle was super imposed, as children of the sun and of the moon. No one asked why this Sun-Moon concept was not applied to Persian and Eygptian scriptures.

In his counter argument, scholar David Frawley draws attention to the faulty date mathematics and other contrary facts. "Vedic culture was created by primitive Central Asian nomads with horse drawn chariots and iron weapons that destroyed the Indus Valley Culture (IVC)."

But horses, weapons and chariots existed in the IVC too; they were a hoary tradition from pre-Vedic times. An Indus seal shows a spoked wheel, as used in chariots. In fact, chariots, endemic in the plains, would be cumbersome in the Central Asian passes.

The question arises: would nomads use chariots at all? The concept of nomads is those who are on the move, crossing mountains and deserts. For an “Aryan invasion”? Totally unsuitable.

Chariots were the vehicles of ancient urban cultures of flat rolling lands, such as North India’s plains provide galore. The IVC was largely a city culture of planned urban conglomerations … that would mean room for chariots as well, presumably. The Rig Veda mentions cities too; so did the histories of Egypt and Mesopotamia, long before the Occident refined into civilization.

Recent investigations indicate that the IVC was not decimated by enemies; rather, causes such as climate change or floods. Ditto, the end of Krishna’s famed Dwarka, now Bet Dwarka that reveal elaboration between IVC and the India the Greeks saw later. Those dates would expose an unbroken urban culture going back to the beginning of the IVC.

Kudos to Dr. Gidwani’s 1990s affirmation of the pre-historic antiquity of civilization in India, that answered questions left unanswered by the classic history taught in schools.


More by :  Kusum Choppra

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