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Education versus Obtaining a Certificate!

What is education? Merely acquiring certificates can be called education? Unable to write even a single sentence in mother tongue even but possessing bachelor or masters degree can be called education? The certificate which can not guarantee a livelihood can be called education? Why we insist every one to undergo the rotten routine of going to school by paying exorbitant fees and in return not getting any thing worth? The children who want to learn music, dance or any fine art and have a livelihood in that should also go through this useless academic instruction? When learning is sacrificed to getting a job using this routine, why academics be so compelling listless course?

Why money, time and energy of an individual are wasted for the satisfaction of some "intellectuals", academicians", NGOs and vested interests who started costly educational institutions? Let there be provision to be considered for jobs even one does not study in a school, college or university but has the certificate.

Present state of academics are not educating the students but are manufacturing millions of individuals not potent enough either in knowledge, learning or skills. All can not and need not get a white color job. Skills can and will more richly sustain and help them progress materially by earning more money.

Education is not that simple and can be bought. Education is cultivating the mind. This aspect when being undermined and rather completely neglected; and present rush to just get a job by not being eligible is just naivety.

Let enlightenment shine on the minds of parents and their children.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment well said. but education like health services has become tools for exploitation. we have become quanitatively low in the art and science. our curriculam and aesthetics are decided for others utility.

mahamood k
12-Feb-2015 09:54 AM

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