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Many run through history and great peoples' words who are already dead, to stress their point.

Such individuals never tell us what their own opinion, contribution and stand on the subject are. They want to score over us with others' greatness.

Where as some of us want to live through our originality. Many times we are "defeated" because of the democratic nature of the situation. Still we continue to be what we are.

Present day problems are solved by understanding the nature of present day situations and not by narrating what was.

This living in the past many times makes us looking back and being backward and not progressing forward.

We must encourage individuals who put forward solutions based on present happenings and understanding of them; which were not available to our ancestors.

Though we can get benefited by ancestors' expressions and tradition, we have to renovate and refurbish the thoughts every generation.

Past must be a guide and not a burden to us. And unintelligent and non-insightful people should not be allowed to guide the nation and society by their time-worn and non-pleasant suggestions based on their limited understanding of past and tradition.

We must live in the present making use of past to build future.

History must be ignored if it comes in the way of our being integrated emotionally now and divides us making our lives unlivable.

All the different cultures, religions, languages, social-, political-, spiritual- ideologies must be reinterpreted and reconciled together and a comprehensive useful way to live must be found.

Yes it appears a great task and reconciliation of diversities is not as simple as wished.

That is why intellectuals must be objective and subjective to necessary extents and show their common sense, intelligence, intellectual vigor, intuition, wisdom to lead the society towards peaceful living.

Just a professor working in a university but ridden with hatred for other communities, or a journalist or writer, poet of that kind, a blind and chauvinistic follower of that or this culture, ideology, regionalism, religion, tradition; is not a fit person for this reconstruction and reconciliation.

Such people are more hurdles to emotional oneness and their intellect is divisive and disturbs the fabric of the peaceful society or nation. They are not intellectuals in the real sense of the term and are in no way superior or amenable to reality than common ordinary citizens who listen to common sense as common people possess lots of common sense.

Wisdom is nothing but possessing commonsense in full.

In these days when narrow-minded individuals, what ever might be their social status, social justice champion status and standing, and are getting away being called intellectuals, should be shown their place; else they will divide the society and nation more dangerously with their minds than the fundamentalists do with their actions.

We must be beware of these pseudo-intellectuals. They always want to be in the limelight more than solving the problems of the society and nation.

Useful thoughts available in tradition and in diverse thoughts must be compiled and circulated so that chauvinistic individuals or intellectuals have free run in dividing the society and nation and hence our peaceful living.

Let us be vigilant and also come out if we feel strongly against the narrow-minded individuals and "intellectuals" if we feel strongly against them.and their society-harming expressions and actions.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Let us encourage and follow who talk and act based on justness even if it is not advantageous to us for the sake of our fellow human-beings and citizens and not desire undeserving laurels and positions.

Intellectuals must be able to recognize talent objectively or subjectively; and must encourage and not denounce individuals quoting earlier great people. Intellectuals must use their ability and not borrow from history.

Else we will be "ruled" by these "disturbed" and disturbing individuals and "intellectuals".


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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