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The inexorable space of the computer has power, and it is this 'power' which creates this ineffable desire to write. How things have changed, from the antediluvian pen and paper we now graduate searingly to the virtual realities of a literary world which stalks us at every point in time, at home or at work.

The laptop follows us like the proverbial hound. We let loose all thoughts and imagination saunters, calls, calls us to write with a gush and- alacrity! That white space, or am I colour blind, that space is a clean slate, the tabula rasa, eager to be written on - frenetically. That is both the inner and outer space of the writer. The outer moves inside, curls about foetus like and then awakens!

I am enamoured of this sudden creative process, the process of awakening of the senses - by just watching this space, this rapacious space of eternity and this craving to write, or typing on the laptop. That is writing, isn't it? Or is it the narcissistic ego? That self defining gregarious entity? Or is it some alien wish fulfillment, tucked away in some Freudian hope - having origins in childhood fantasy...

A poem appears, an essay or a half baked story! We take recourse to manifold ways of self expression - livid with the fire of the spirit, in animation. That is self expression for you. It is in Virginia Woolf's words "Room Of One's Own'. This room spirals, moves on, is infinity in space and time, place and time, the magnitude of communication...

Wait, there is a catch. It works on mechanics, unlike the ordinariness of pen and paper, their desultoriness...also their ephemeral nature. This mechanics is the mechanics of writing, not robotic but creative. It doesn't matter that technology at times grows restive and is even disruptive We love the creative process at work, in this technology ridden world. At least I do! Some call this blogging. I call it writing.

Come on you blog heads write away furiously.
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