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Sir, I write this letter to you as an aggrieved citizen of the country. I want to raise issues, issues only; hoist them and foist them on the public (sorry Sir, for this jamboree of words). Through your esteemed columns let me point out the following:
  1. Is the issue against corruption or for it, because most people now think that it is a way of life?
  2. If that is true, why should we disrupt life and normalcy?
  3. What is more important, Parliament or who will become a Member of Parliament?
  4. Is cricket our National Game or National Hobby, in either case of course very lucrative?
  5. Can we bring ‘match fixing’ within the laws of the Parliament?
  6. How many times must Hillary Clinton visit the country? Shall we make it mandatory at least twice a year, so that she can justify all the actions of her country?
  7. If India is the highest ‘growing’ country in the world, how developed is she?
  8. Shall we make drawing of cartoons an illegal act and banish it from our country, of course in the process we may be doing disservice to the memories of R.K. Laxman and Mario Miranda?
  9. If some state governments sponsor bandhs let us legalize them. And of course, they should be added to the National Calendar of Holidays?!
  10. We have Sportsmen turned politicians, can we Sir, now have politicians turned Sportsmen?
  11. Our Prime Minister is too good. Let us now wait for the hustings to have a better one.
  12. For too long a family has ruled the country, now surely we need a dynastic change?
  13. Though terrorism has abated, militancy has not. Can you enlighten me Mr. Editor on the meaning of these terms: militancy, extremism and terrorism?
  14. One thing I am sure Mr. Editor the entire Parliament is united stolidly on the issue of corruption. Whether they are for it or against it I am not very clear. But they represent the country and logically the country is also united on this issue. So despite all our diversities we are a pretty well integrated nation!
  15. Will we always talk about North East India being integrated into the mainstream? What is the mainstream and how many sub-streams are there? If we want to seal borders to prevent immigration which is illegal, then why are we encouraging trade, setting up border haats and talking about the Look East Policy?
  16. In Assam violence continues, will the law makers tell us where the homeless will go to after the refugee camps?
  17. How is it when around twelve people were trapped in mine in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya, the media which does not hesitate to focus anything related to the North East, including suicides did not report this or flash it?
  18. Anna Hazare and his team have joined politics. They have joined it now but they were playing it all this time. We are now waiting for Baba Ramdev.
I write to you with a burdened heart. Yours etc Yours sincerely Yours respectfully (I am sorry for this funereal tone, but there does not seem to be very many reasons to be happy or for that matter sad…)


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