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The likes of Arundhati Roy, Pankaj Mishra and others, who are significantly dependent on their income from abroad for their protected affluent lifestyles and encouraged and glorified by Western media, to promulgate their biased agenda, are unfortunately given a prominent voice in shrill tones by the Indian English media and are pathetically out of touch with reality, public opinion, truth and even justice. There are others in cahoots with some foreign funded NGOs and artists, who are dependent on their foreign earnings or foreign sponsorship, which allow them frequent trips abroad and large dollops of foreign exchange earnings and as is the sad history of Indian character, they sell their allegiance, opinions and loyalty, irrespective of harm to the nation.

This is not some jingoistic appeal to circle the wagons, nor the last resort of scoundrels behind the purdah of chauvinistic patriotism. It is not necessarily a selective indictment of dissenters and partially concedes their behavior to stupidity and misplaced zeal rather than traitorous or purely financial benefit. They are ignorant idealists in some case with a pathetic lack of knowledge of history and divorced from reality and wish to impose their utopian idealism from their Western brainwashing into a socially and historically unprepared country, a century or two behind the West in political and economic development.

From their privileged high places, far removed from the West and fooled by the enchanting view that distance provides, while brainwashed by the propaganda and their natural gullibility, they only selectively hear the Western propaganda of free trade and in their selective self-serving tunnel vision, do not even bother or give credence to dissenting voices of the West, like Chomsky and persist in their sycophantic applause of their masters, who manipulate them like puppets without a brain, to mouth biased agenda inimical to the health, wealth and security of their motherland.

From Amichand, Bahadur Shah the first, including Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs, the history of India is replete with those who sold out to the British, not to mention the indifference and internecine jealousies and warfare that led to the subjugation and conquest of India by the uncivilized Moslem hordes. This is not some blanket indictment of dissenting voices, however misguided, but a healthy dose of reality to alert these stupid dissenting pawns, that history teaches us from the aggression of ancient invaders to the Chinese war of 1962 and the subsequent bullying by great powers, that the only way to preserve our independence and nation, is to be strong militarily, at least until some such time in human history, till the idea of nations and states becomes passZ and the world accepts the ancient Hindu philosophy of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', which is likely to happen, when pigs are able to fly!

My scathing criticism is not so much of the misguided idiots, who pretend to be intellectuals, are intoxicated by the praise and approbation of the West, which their insecure psyche and pathological need for approval and flattery to sustain otherwise meaningless existence, but mainly of the media. The former deserve pity more than condemnation. What irks me most is the total capitulation of the media, who are divorced from reality and slaves of vested interests without intelligence, integrity or honesty and while dependent on local advertising, government handouts and domestic support, still persist without foresight, decency, or honesty in parroting alien propaganda, at the cost of destroying the nation without any hope of benefit and thus confirming the self-destructive and pathological penchant of Indians to indulge in Harakiri without moral, material or meaningful benefit.  


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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Comment Extremely well-written and succint description of the state of pseudo-secularism in India.

Gaurav S
02-Jan-2015 07:59 AM

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