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A day in the life of a Geeky Freak

Every college campus has its share of geeks and freaks. Lots of things have been said, written and shot about either the meek geeks or the sleek freaks. But there are a large group of people belonging to a separate breed altogether, who are never talked about, never written about and never hero-ised on the silver screen. This is an attempt to throw some light on this generic species, the specimens of which I refer to as the geeky-freaks.

Geeky freaks are those guys who get decent grades if not that excellent, program usable software if not complicated, know what the latest technologies are capable of doing if not talented enough to devise one and yet manage to lead a cool life, may be not THAT cool, hang out with friends, not necessarily at THE most happening places, be a part of the college cricket team, if not be a real match-winner, enact a small role in the college play if not play the leading role. 

There are scores of people out there who happen to be a part of this unsung community. A typical day in the life of a college-going geeky freak is something on the following lines.

Every night before going to sleep, he hopes to get up early the next morning, read for a while and then follow it up with a good workout in the gym. What an ideal way to start the day? But somehow the alarm never seems to be loud enough to wake him up. 

His mom does the waking up for him just in time to say Good Morning to Dad before he leaves to work. Gotta be good with dad, coz pocket money is no premium. He has not more than half-an hour to get ready for college, of which 15 minutes are easily spent before the mirror.

Jumps on to his not so, jazzy - not so, trendy bike and hurries to college. He doesn't zoom past the traffic police, mind you. He drives at a reasonable speed, well within the limits. He pauses for a while at the nearby bus-stop to have a glimpse of the girl next door. He has been thinking of asking her out ever since she moved into the neighborhood when he was still in high school. She does give him a smile and our hero gets enough strength to live another day. She does speak to him pretty well, laughs at his trite and silly jokes, tells him that he looks good in blue jeans and white shirt, her mom likes him, and his mom likes her, yet he feels that the right time is yet to come. The saddest part is that the right time doesn't seem to have ticked in his watch for years. May be its time to have a watch-lift.

He reaches college and spends the whole morning session listening to boring lectures. The freaks never bother to attend the classes while the geeks are too brainy that they don't feel like attending classes and embarrassing the lecturers. So, its only the geeky freaks who attend the classes. They don't really assimilate all that is taught, but imbibe enough knowledge to get them good grades.

The afternoon is spent in the college canteen gossiping with other like minded individuals, about how that rosy cheeked girl fell for the long-haired college hunk and how the geek No. 1 managed to get a top rank in a reputed business school. He ponders for a while to see if he can do the same. Takes a deep sigh and gets back to the class.

After college, he goes to the cricket ground. Gets selected in the team, but gets to bat only at No.8 and gets to bowl only a single over. He does manage to edge a four past the keeper while batting and manages to contain the batsman for only a-run-a-ball in his allotted quota of 1 over. Thinks he has done a decent display of all-round skills and heads home. 

By the time he reaches home, its almost dark. Freshens up and goes to the nearby cafe, where he daily hangs out with his like-minded friends. They talk about big things. Which MNC to opt for after college?, Which country to go for honeymoon? Which car to buy? Lofty ideas!! They know that they are capable of getting all that. But not sure, how.

Our hero returns home, tells dad that he has had a busy day in college, finishes dinner sitting before the TV and then goes to the terrace to study. He does maintain a decent study-schedule. Always manages to submit his assignments on time. He spends two hours reading on the terrace, of which at least half the time is spent looking at the window of his neighboring sweetheart. Why doesn't' she read on her terrace, as well? Wouldn't need to bend his neck then, trying to catch a glimpse of her through her ground-floor window. 

At almost midnight, he realizes that its time to hit the bed. Gets into his bed, feeling pretty pleased that his day went off well without any hiccups, promises himself to wake up early the next morning and closes his eyes dreaming about the day he would ask HER out.... 

Sweet dreams pal!! coz u can't ask for more.


More by :  Vishnu Pavan

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