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Can't we try Not to Waste Food?

Visits to restaurants and cafes, ordering a large menu, coffees, sandwiches, pizzas, fried chicken, paying a huge bill amount and at last eating only the one-third of the food and throwing the rest in the bin. That’s what people are used to doing regularly in their lives.

As quoted by James Russell Lowell “Wealth may be an excellent thing, for it means power, and it means leisure, it means liberty,” 

I would like to ask what about the people who have no money and no wealth? Can they buy food for themselves?

Well about wasting food, this question never arrives in their lives. They beg around in the road seeking for food and finally pick them up from the bin where the waste food is being thrown. And even they are satisfied by eating not even the one third of that piece where the half has been digested by insects and animals. Can we afford what they do? Think about yourself if you have been in their place begging for food and eating from the garbage.

Though everyone of us can’t afford to donate money but can donate that food which we are going to waste. Can’t we put forward our helping hands towards people?  Can’t we make this world much better as it is today?


More by :  Priyanka Bhowmick

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Comment Well, this may be the norm in India where rich people order too much food just to show off and later waste the left-overs. Here in the US, I do not see people leaving food behind if they ordered too much. Leftover food is packed to go in doggy bags (carry-out containers) to be used later for dinner or next day. I think there is no such practice in India to take the leftover food; it seems below the people's dignity.

To help poor people, you should start community kitchens where they should come to eat or start some kind of food banks where non-perishable food can be collected from donations and distribute to the needy folks.

Ram Chimnani
26-Aug-2010 13:40 PM

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