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Mr. Modi, Listen to Our Mann ki baat

Mr. Modi, listen to our Mann ki baat.

Lot is happening in India since last few years. I got the first sense of turmoil since Anna Andolan started in April 2011. Till then something was simmering in Indian society, sense of unrest was felt all around but just like current under still water. The scams, the dis-connect of governments with people and slowdown of economy melted all around the Indian’s heart and mind; and a sense of ‘coming out in open’ and vigilantism surfaced.

Second instance was during Nirbhaya case when all of sudden Indians seem to re-assert themselves from feeling of helplessness from what is happening around them. Being a country of young Indians currently, the boiling point came soon and asserting India roared a cry in a big way. Media made their voice heard. And soon Tsunami came and raptured through democratic and political means.

Came 2014 and the Indians have made one decision within themselves. They want change and want change in leadership at the top of governing body. Modi sensed the restlessness and fan their sentiment very well resulting in victory of BJP in a big way and making Modi our prime minister. Though 33% voted for Modi government, the other 67% accepted the verdict and started hoping for change which all wanted and still desire.

Lot of good and bad has happened during last 2 years of Modi government. People, particularly the younger lot of Indians seems to be restless on what they thought unnecessary encroachment of government in universities and colleges. Vocal voice of BJP associate and their Ideological partner-RSS fueled their doubts. The student wing of BJP, the VHP suddenly resorted to vigilantism uncalled for and the friction escalated unabated. Disconnect with people in general rose high with Government acting and taking steps, though in right spirit and vision, but could not convey it to people. To make things worst BJP supporters, and particularly their ardent and illogical supporters (often called bhakts), started singing tune of Modism often with fabricated script and narrative. They thronged the media, social network and streets in very aggressive way. Such is their ingress and intrusiveness that even the sane Modi supporter started drifting away. Not to mention the people who did not voted for Modi, but started to align themselves with him, suddenly found the entire narrative around Modi by their Bhakts turning out to be offensive and abusive.

Modi lost his charisma thanks to such ardent, stupid, aggressive, abusive bhakts’ offensive to all sundry in social media, print and television media, social parties and even on streets. From Hero two year before, a strong negative wave, a sense of mistrust against him, apathy and cynicism started developing fanned by events such as FTII students movement, Hyderabad University case, JNU case, Dadri, etc. Bhakts upped their ante in order to bring the swing of emotions in their favor but resulted in clear divide between Modi or Non-Modi Indians. The opposition harp the opportunity to fan the fire and upped the ante of Non-Modians. Modi and his troops at the helm kept quiet and let the thing drift. The state election came and the ruling party lost in Delhi and Bihar.

More than the BJP ruling party, it is their sena of disgruntled bhakts who were seen cornered by Non-Modians who got opportunity to throw the shit back on them. Modi the phenomena started licking dirt and undeservedly.

India is currently divided on two isms - Modism and Anti-Modism. Modism crowd thinks whatever Modi or his government does is right and that they cannot do any wrong. They raised their identity so much dependent on Modism that if they accept Modi doing any wrong, they would put their own identity at threat. Slowly anarchy and vigilantism seeped into this lot and now they are not only vocal but often violent. This further drew the dividing line, making it thick and clear, between the Modians and Non-Modians. Each front is pitching hard to gain ground on other. Non-Modians, who were not organized and did not hunt in pack, got the taste of blood by people like Kejriwals and Kanhaiyaas and many more to emerge. They started galvanizing.

Now if Modians make noise, then equal and opposite and even louder noise is heard from Non-Modian camps. The war has started and has reached ugly stage. And at the helm of all affairs, Modi sits quiet and bit bewildered. He started damage control method but could not succeed. He is seeing all his carefully and painfully planned execution of making India a prosperous India is under threat from ‘un-controlled’ India. Patience among the Modians and Non-Modians have lost patience on his deliverance. Non-Modians have upped their ante asking serious questions to Modians on Modi’s delivery. In turn Modians are pressurizing Modi troop to deliver and deliver it fast! Very grave situation to run a country! Such is scenario that when even Modi goes to toilet, Modians and Non-Modians observe, scrutinize and comment to their liking. Modi and his troop are made busier in doing damage control now then actual governance.

World watching India with hope is seeing what is being unfolded in India and they too started questioning Modi’s claim and vision. Everything for Modi and his troop started crumbling. With them India, the country, started slowly crumbling. When UPA was at the helm of the country, common notion among Indians was there was vacuum at the top and there is policy making stagnancy under Manmohan Singh. Part blame to BJP then as opposition not allowing the Parliament to run. Under Modi common notion among Indians is trust deficit against government on what they are doing and their deliverance. They don’t have faith in the policy being made, vision, etc. They suspect their policy and action would be non-productive and even go against them and the nation. Part blame to Congress now in opposition throwing the same coin to BJP by stopping the parliamentary work. Lay at stake is India as a country and hopeful Indians. Start of downfall of Modism is seen now.

It is very unfortunate for Modi and his party that after stunning poll mandate and real effort to bring changes in India according to their vision. Their energy on brainstorming to achieve something good got drowned in Dadri, irresponsible statements from their key personnel, vigilantism of RSS, and above all mindless abuse by their bhakts. Not to mentions other political parties went on scavenges hunting – mindless, ugly and even unwanted. Where governance should have been noiseless delivery, people feel otherwise and nation discusses mindless distraction of nationalism, deshdrohi, etc. Where FDIs from overseas should have been pouring in, we see distraction overpowering silent governance with religious divide, dadri, Pathankot events, etc.

It’s time for Modi and his troop to put their house in order and nail certain ‘dark’ horses in their house. It is time for them to tone and get rid of bhakts who do more harm to them than do any good. It is time for them to connect to Non-Modians and ask them to join them. Forget what opposition or other parties are doing to them. Just don’t let them achieve what they want to do by any flaw in action, mindless opposition to their claims. Just stick to your work and highlight your achievement in ‘all inclusive’ way. Assure all Indians, particularly Non-Modians directly through engagement that country is inching success and betterment; and betterment of all people. Opposition parties will throw googlies to ball you out. Just use your good defense batting skill rather than getting hopelessly out. Engage with Kejriwals and Kahnhaiyas and arrange truce with them. These forces could do more harm to your dreams than the Rahuls and Mamtas, Laloos and Nistishes. Just don’t give them feed they need to grow.

Tide can be turned. But clock is ticking now. Please do something. We don’t want to lose you. Losing you would put our country in more chaos than that is in present time. Mr. Modi, rise up and save the country. Only you can do it!!


More by :  Varun Dhyani

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Comment Thanks for a realistic portrayal of social ferment that is going on in India now.

P. Rao
01-Apr-2016 01:11 AM

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