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Has the System of Slavery Ended in the World?


He is a slave of his own community; he cannot say anything against it; if he says so, he will be called a traitor, betrayed the reputation of his community and so, he has to be punished by expulsion. Is it justice or dharma? The thought deepens! Without free ideas can any community develop? Person of blooming ideas cannot breathe here! Hierarchical system harasses harnessing all in tradition, quite ageless, out worn and ineffective in practice today!

If you are a slave of love, you will be honoured as a civilized person. If you are a slave of truth, you will be respected as a honest person. But if you are a slave of a community of dubious tradition, you will lose your reputation. Things based on tradition are not permanent in this world. But things based on truth cannot even be shaken by the world!

Finally, victory for any issue is always for the truth. Love has no fear in the world being the greatest power. Like the Sun and Moon for the Earth love and truth are for man here. Man cannot see and understand the world without his two eyes. So also, without love and truth he cannot judge any matter wise. Like the mother and father for the child love and truth are there for men.

Freedom and Culture

No one is free in this world; but nobody knows about the other world! All are roaming round for peace, joy and liberty; where they are getting these there they are settling to live. That is the nature of any reasonable man; but those who commit to any community are contrary to Nature in this world community.

It is well if love and truth are the basis of world culture. Community consciousness should not affect social activities. Communal feelings should not spoil the social progress. Communal differences do affect the functioning of the society, peace and unity of nations blocking one world moulding activity, which no cultured person can tolerate in the modern world.

Natural Justice

Moon, the slave of Earth rotates round it; it is the natural law it cannot escape from it. So also Earth and other planets rotate round the Sun. Tree anchored to the ground gives fruits and shelter. Tigers that hunt the herds cannot graze like the herds. Cattle cannot hunt lions or tigers to live as lions or tigers. This is natural justice they all have to follow for survival! If man, a moving being, stands still it is an achievement! Bird cannot live in water and fish in the air; but frogs, crocodiles and hippos can live in water or on land!


Then man is a slave of his own habits too. He is a slave of his own emotion. He is a slave of his own intellect. He is a slave of his own spirit. By his very nature he may have control over his habits and can become a master of his own Self; but he can never become a master of his own fate. Fate and fortune are framed by the laws of God. But the laws of man can be changed by time!

Apartheid the racial segregation was simply the perpetuation of the olden days’ slavery. The working people should also think rather than feeling as destined galley slaves. The days of Greek, Egyptians, Romans And imperialism have gone away! Instead capitalism, communism and socialism are vying with each other to capture the world forgetting the ever justifiable democracy.

Good Means

Lord Buddha successfully experimented the means of love to achieve the end desirable by all. Six hundred years after Lord Jesus followed the same means to achieve the salvation for mankind. And in our century Mahatma Gandhi also practised the same means to achieve the independence of India. More than the success for them all following the good means to achieve the good end is more important. Why can’t now also people think of experimenting new means to put an end to slavery? Surely the end of slavery can be achieved if new means suitable to the time is adopted, the best means of existence for all men! But due to lack of strong will slavery of one form or other is still prevailing all over the world!

Gandhian Philosophy

It is not for the masters to be convinced but the slaves to think to change the system. India got freedom from foreign domination by passive resistance following the Gandhian philosophy of non-violence rather than other thoughts of violence. Convincing even the minority group with justice in the democratic spirit was the method of Gandhi, the sure means to achieve success whatever be the crisis! Achievement in silence is much more effective than through speeches of violence. Magnanimity of the meek man could not be mistaken for weakness by violent men. But in the modern world the incorrigible dogmats have to be contained by their own methods; and so, intelligent efforts are needed much to arrest the attention of rigid men to accept reason!

Survival of the fittest means not the success of the stout but the shrewd! Might is right, not the right of the muscle, but the might of the mind!

By the nature of man slavery of any kind is unnatural, unholy, unacceptable and above all unjustifiable! Even in slavery the nature of man is to do human things only. So to overcome slavery of any form, human means is best to follow!

The means to achieve the end varies according to the mood from time to time and accordingly a good means has to be adopted to achieve the end in a good manner.


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