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Religion and Language

Religion is necessary like the language. We have many languages and so many religions. Language felicitates communication and literary creation. Religion felicitates faith and psychological rejuvenation.

We may wish the elimination of religion. But for all the ills we are facing it is not the religion that is responsible; but the individuals who misinterpret and hijack the religions and their sacred texts and tenets.

Just as we do not think of eliminating language and associated regional cultures even if languages and associated regional cultures cause conflicts and fanaticism as is happening, we must devise counters to deal with the hijacking of religions by fanatics; but not think of eliminating religions which is impossible as eliminating languages and regional cultures.

All intellectuals who blame religion and the negative aspects have to get themselves educated about the benefits of religions, their purpose in the society and the spirituality they developed.

Very few can be spiritual without following any religion. Bur many need the anchor of religion and faith for a psychologically comforting course of life.

Let us all strive to rid the religions of the evil influence of fanatics, superstitious followers, half-baked religious teachers and terrorists. It is the duty of the world; not just of this religion or that religion or rituals.

Religion and language are essential ingredients of human civilization and culture.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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