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Train Killings, Terrorism, Ravan Dahan!

Why killing of more than 60 people during Ravan Dahan, should not be called a terror attack in Amritsar?

Ravan is all set to be burnt. There will be triumph of truth over evil. Let us call this day, Vijayadashmi.

On the same night, in Amritsar, a fast moving train mowed more than 60 people on tracks, watching the same Ravan burning. On one side, we rejoice the victory of truth over evil.On the other hand, a ghastly attack awaits.

When more than 60 peiople our killed in such an incident, my heart fills with grief. The fact that, the family members were looking for the individual parts of the body of those killed, fills me with all the more agony. Why did this happen? If this happened, why do people rejoice at such truth triumphing over evil, at the eve of Vijaydashmi?

I consider this not less than a terror attack. Terror attack by the careless organisers. Terror attack by the careless driver. And a terror attack by the railway personnels. There are no guns, no bombs, unlike Mumbai attacks of 2008, where the number of people killed was much more than this event. But still I call this a terror attack.

Because it fills the mind of the ordianry people with the terror, that they are not safe at unmanned railway crossings. That they can not trust the event organsiers, for e.g. Ravan Dahan. That there is no one in the system to think about the common man beyond their own responsibilities. I call this liabilities rather than responsibilities. Once their liability is over, they do not care what happens to the others. They will get salary at the end of the month. They will get leaves at proper time from their bosses. Rest does not matter. I refer this, for the gate man, who was referred by someone at high administrative post in Railway, that this was not the mistake of railway as the incident took place at the intermediate section. The gate man is concerned only about the trains coming in at a certain range of the railway gate.

Terror is also inflicted by the administration, which does not care about the unmanned railway crossing beside the ground. Everyone is responsible. There is no someone like Aparichit, a fiction character from a South Indian movie, who can punish everyone who is responsible for the event. The society should be free from terror of such tragic incidents. We do not need someone like Aparichit, who is fictional, but we do need some thinking, why such terror attacks take place?


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