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Why do many Dance to the Tune of Money?

Money moves All

Money makes many matters move in men’s world!  With money man can buy anything but the soul!  Of all, the desire for money many cannot let go, even though camels cross through the needle's eye!  Without money there is no place in this world; without the spirit there is no place in that world!

For the sake of money many even change their names and religions by conversions!  Without the payment of money, even the darshan of the Lord in the temple is impossible here!  Also, without the payment of money, even the carcass of a person cannot be buried or burnt in the grave yard!  So, all the activities of man in the world, ultimately, are just for money only!

All the activities of man centre round money and everything is controlled only by money!  Why this is so?  Future alone can say or answer this question, it seems!  Now the value of man depends upon the deposit of money in the vault!  Between the soul and money, for survival man can embrace the latter only in the world!  Actually, what is money and why is it so powerful as to make man a slave!

What’s Money?

Indeed money in the form of coins and currencies is an instrument of civilization very useful for the transactions of men in business to win against competitions in the world, instead of conquering countries by conflicts!  Competition means the involvement of knowledge, talent, intelligence and wisdom instead of cheap tricks to make money in the world!

The value of goods represented by the deposit of gold in the bank for the transfer of goods among men is done by the currency notes of money everywhere.  The introduction of money, instead of the barter system, has produced a sea change in the transactions of men.  And the money that simplifies the transfer of goods work is really a greatest achievement of man in the world!  Man by many inventions has reduced the burden of men and has become civilized in the world.  By the invention of money man has made the world a civilized planet in the universe!

Money Makes Miracles

Money in the hands of a mad man, even if he conquers the whole world, cannot benefit anyone much!  But money in the hands of wise man makes many miracles happen in the men's world!  Temples, Taj Mahal, Ajantha, Ellora, libraries, colleges are the greatest achievements of man with money!

Symbol of Civilization

With money man makes good things as well as bad things in the world.  But the utilization of money only reveals the real character, the good or the bad of man!  The utilization of money in arts, science, and business has contributed to the civilization of the modern world!  The business shop that keeps many products for sales from nations is a mark of civilization in the modern world!  That too with money, if it is possible to buy all in a single shop, it is indeed a symbol of civilization in the modern world!

Time is Money!

The competition for making money in many fields has made man always time conscious above all!  Time is money and the world has become a work place to make developments or achievements for making money!  Like the chip that has all the information, money has all the power for man to make many miracles in the world!

Mere money has no value at all in the forests, deserts and mountains!  But money has got a very great value in the villages, towns and cities of the world!


The easy way of making more money with least efforts has become the policy of many in the world to-day!  So, the craze for winning raffle money has resulted in the boost of the lottery ticket sales everywhere!  Also, the craze for horse race to hit jackpot somehow so as to become a millionaire has made many mad too!

Gambling halls of various kinds have also increased everywhere just to earn more money at a single stroke!  Crimes, smuggling and mercenary activities have encouraged more immoral and illegal activities just for making more money!

Invention of money was not for encouraging immoral activities but for easing out the burden of everyday heavy transactions!  So, the fight between the good and evil in the world of money has increased more than in the worlds of sex and crimes!  And the fighting game for money when and where will come to an end, God only can say to man!  Till then perhaps the introduction of credit cards only can save man from the risk of carrying money anywhere


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Comment Nicely written! But, as you have mentioned 'Money' can do and undo things! In fact, in this world Money is always 'God' since one can get everything with money! Many argue that money brings misery and anxiety and will not allow one to sleep peacefully and all that! But, do they stay away from money? No, that is the power of money. I can't say about ancient times, but today even philosophers and Godmen are loaded with money only.

Let us not therefore pretend that we dont care for money! It is needed for a comfortable life!

G Swaminathan
06-Oct-2014 12:10 PM

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