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Passion for Peace

I may be a layperson, but I am also a stakeholder

Hello fellows,

I am bored. No, I am not annoyed or angered, but simply bored to see how the world and the Intelligence thinks! We have the power to ignore the issue and delve in the trivial. Am I mad? Must be, for I don’t see any sense in the manifestations in Paris or the group mourning in Pakistan. What big names we have, ‘Black day for humanity’, ‘Je suis Charlie’ and this goes on and on and on! Journalists who have covered the programmes in Pakistan and France have said how many people were affected by this, how many countries have empathized, sympathized… how many have shown solidarity…do we even factor that among the audiences who contributed to the TRP are also those people responsible for the attacks, who for all you know have given them a high-five while watching them!

Is there anyone who wants terrorism to disappear from the face of the earth, for Heaven’s sake…when I asked this question, I found no one raising their hands because everyone did! Now what does this mean? It means that we are willing to do everything from the outside, being external, being superficial that is. This explains mourning, manifestations, showingsolidarityand support…all of this is external. We know nothing is goingto happen, no world leader can deliver Peace; however many can deliver Growth.

Else how is it possible that the Intelligence that is venturing out successfully onto the outer world cannot outwit the trouble that has since long been a global headache. Are the heads thinking?! No fellows, no! If you asked me why, I’d say I don’t know!

All you need to do is to understand the following:

  • What is the mind that’s successful in transforming some minds (even those in France!!!) into thinking that what they are doing is right? Not talking to them is only helping in increasing the heads of innocent killings.
  • Who are the Masterminds, capture them and talk to them to understand why they congratulate those who kill children and cartoonists. The job here is to not put them behind the bars and torture them to breed more terrorists.
  • Where is the money coming from to buy arms, and more importantly, to train people from all over the world, into tactics and techniques of causing, spreading terror.
  • How is the network

Passion for Peace

  • Stop all your work, go broke until you break the barriers of hatred and wrath.
  • Seek help from the Intelligent minds, the Brahmakumaris, Deepak Chopra and others.
  • Let the stock markets stop, let all profits flow into losses until we bring back the true nature of humankind.
  • It is not France or Pakistan or the US, every human being in this world is a stakeholder here.
  • Develop a mechanism to align every single individual into thinking that Peace is more important than Growth and Profits.
  • Do not boast of your technologies until you track these minds and their networks

This has come from a foolish mind like me. From somebody who knows nothing about anything, from somebody who loves to love and hates to hate. Now tell me, if the world leaders would deploy intelligence (the likes of NASA) into tracking the source of money, people, arms, would it take more than a week’s time to crack the puzzle? Okay, let’s assume I have overestimated the world Intelligence; then you tell me how many days will it take! Helping those minds understand the essence of Islam and other religions wouldn’t be difficult at all beyond a point. We have the world with us, they are just a few… and we are victims?! Nah! Leaders…can’t buy that. For the moment, please do not think of any growth and development in your respective countries…with a single-minded focus deploy all your strengths to uproot terrorism, not terrorists, from the world! We do not want to sing ‘We shall overcome’ fifty years down the line…we want to change the tense and sing ‘We have overcome’ if you are willing to put this tension behind us!

Yours aye, Supratik


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