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The Cosmic Dance!

Near horizon clouds undergo change of colours at Sunset;
Darkness covers slowly the whole Sky from the West;
Moon up in the Sky brings brightness from the East;
Southern breeze cools heat passing towards the North;
Below the town lit with colourful lights looks lovely;
The tall trees around the town dance as Indian ladies
Bringing the Cosmic dance of the Divine Lord into focus!

If one looks at the Universe ever vast, wide and wonderful, it is impossible to see the whole wonder with the naked eye.  Due to this fact the wonder is personified as Dancing Lord and the humanized form of formless state is codified as God!  Infinite Nature when simplified becomes a worshipful Art as idols in the temples bringing spiritual joy forever to all.
Same Rhythm

Limiting the limitless and freezing the furious man forgets to explore the ageless Universe he has long been used to.  Is the exotic enigma a painted portrait on a colossal canvas with cluster of galaxies, stars, planets, comets and asteroids?  Are they all action less like the apparently stable looking stones?  No, particles in them all collide with each other to maintain balance like the day and night, life and death and creation and destruction.  Even the pulsating heart and the ticking time rise and fall forever following the Universal rhythm of ebb and flow of the sea waves.  Rhythm is the same from the smallest atoms to the biggest stars.   As the dance of the Lord both destructions and creations go on; song and dance of the divine lord follows the same Universal rhythm and to perpetuate the primordial dance all worship Siva with awe ever; lest the lovely life with all its beauty and glory cannot go on forever.
Theories of Universe

Stars and planets move spinning in orbits as if floating in Space like logs, ships and boats floating in balance on rivers and seas. Their equilibrium by mutual gravitation remains as eternal wonder that puzzles scientists to discover the origin of Universe somehow!   Sometime back, scientists have resumed investigation to resolve the riddle weighing ways and means to find the theory of beginning and end speculating over Big Bang, Steady State and Oscillation theories  and arguing for and against expansion and contraction of Universe!

Is the eternal, infinite universe left alone man with the mind only on the Earth to discover the origins of Universe and life?  After multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, Scientists have concluded that the Universe is still expanding according to the Big Bang theory now.  But Indian shastras support the Steady State theory of disappearance and new creations and accordingly a cycle of creation and annihilation take two Kalpas to complete like waking and sleeping in life.  Till today the whole show goes on beautifully well;  but tomorrow if anything goes wrong in the circus, what will be the end of the incredible Universe?   Naturally or nuclearly the doom’s day will come one day!
Doom’s Day

There are proofs for general destruction in the world religions.  Western religion predicted world’s destruction in the year 2000 and the Lord would appear to create a New World thereafter.  Indian religion has already calculated world’s destruction taking place at the end of 4,32,000 years of Kali Yuga.  It is said that once adharma prevails to be all powerful, Kali Yuga is full and then Lord Kalki avatar would appear  to establish dharma in lieu of adharma in the world  And after Kali Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga will come.  Of the four Yugas the final Yuga is Kali Yuga; and somewhere in the Kali Yuga mankind exists now.  If it so happens how the Universe would look like then?

There would be no light anywhere;
There would be perfect darkness everywhere;
There would be no Sunrise in the morning;
And there would be no Moon seen in the evening;
There would be no bird singing any song;
There would be no tree dancing by the breeze;
Day or night no change of colours would be seen;
And the dance of the Divine Lord will
Move on in musicless notes or rhythms!

Finally the powerful God would have to sit silently in eternal contemplation.  Would the infinitely intelligent God appreciate the eternally silent darkness everywhere?   Light or darkness for the omniscient God does not make any difference;   He can rest content contemplating in silent darkness too as in loud brightness.  He has such a power that he can go ahead with his activities even in darkness as in brightness.  Then why has He created day and night, life and death and Himself and Man?   Perhaps the limitless being has decided to realize Himself within the limit of Man.  Without day the importance of night  cannot be appreciated; without death the value of life cannot be known; and without man the power of God cannot be understood.

God receives but what He gives;
And in our life alone does God live.
The formless being projecting Himself in all forms
Has finally realized Himself through man with mind;
But being an all pervading spirit perhaps
Continuing evolution to realize Himself spiritually too;
Hence He is taking away old matters
And giving new matters in the modified form;
So to evolve the Universe better
The Divine Lord has chosen to dance
Still more balancing creation and destruction!
Significance of Life-Death Dance
In the tresses of the Lord I find the meaning of the whole Universe
And in the flying tresses I see all the stars of the sky;
In the art of dancing maintains He poise with the balancing of His long legs
And in the beautifully gesticulating hands makes He perfect His eternal art!
How to Realize God?

The symbolic expressions of His face give birth to poems immortal
For the devotees to sing in rapturous joy in union with the Lord’s beats!
All the people singing prayer songs in unity become one with the divine Lord;
In the unity of all the beings only can we feel the power of the one Supreme being,
Who is the cause of all the creations and the end of all the beings.
War and Peace

War and peace go on continually in the infinite universe;
Storm and breeze go on continually in the brain of man;
And so war and peace are a common thing in the world of man also.

World War is not the need now as was in the old hour;
World peace is the utmost need of all in the present hour.
The world over poverty, unemployment and disease are enough to fight against;
Why should we have another war of the nations in the world?

In the trades of the world there are many problems due to the oil crisis;
And the industries of the world need power from nuclear energy and other sources.
But some nations like to have Nuclear war with the neighbours!
Are they mad to play with the deadly deterrence of war once more?
Have they forgotten the ravages of the two World Wars?

For acquiring wealth there were wars in the world;
In the name of religion there were wars among nations;
In the name of races there were wars between nations;
And there were wars for various causes and reasons in the world.
It seemed history was repeating itself in the past;
Now again history seems to replay the past caring little for the causes and consequences!

So, suppress all the inhuman, brutalistic, mad ideas with a firm foot underground!
And leap high in human spirit to the divine stature
Ever erect, enthusiastic and elevating to the regions of the divine beings!
That is the way real human poise between life and death can surely be attained
And that is the open secret of the Cosmic dance of the Divine Lord!


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