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The Majority of the Mentally Ill are Harmless

President Obama said something during his second debate that offended me. He said that guns should be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill.
That statement suggested that every mentally ill person is capable of violence and that isn't true. I'm mentally ill and I'm not violent. I've never committed a crime. I've never even gotten a jay walking ticket. My mom is also mentally ill and she's not violent either. She's one of the sweetest people alive.
Whether Obama believes it or not, the majority of the mentally ill are not violent. Yes, it's true that some mentally ill people are violent and those who show any signs of violent behavior shouldn't be allowed to own guns.
But Obama didn't say that guns should be kept ot of the hands of certain mentally ill people. He said that they should be kept out of the hands of all mentally ill people.
There are harmless mentally ill people who own guns. If Obama wins again, they may lose them. If that happens, they will be unable to protect themselves and their families.
Obama was trying to gain more votes with his second debate but he lost one. And if he offended other mentally ill people, he may lose more. What Obama doesn't seem to understand is that the mentally ill can vote also.


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