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American Law-makers and Indian Intellectuals!

The law-makers of the United states of America desire Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi to address the joint session of American Congress. It is the same US which denied Mr. Modi visa for his alleged human rights' violations. For what ever reason, the US has recognized the importance and important position held now by Mr. Modi.

But in India we have much more aggressive human rights' champions who never want to and even cannot change their chauvinistic denouncement of Mr. Modi and even are ridiculously arguing that it is their freedom of speech that they want to dismiss Mr. Modi as a negative face; and we have many liberal minded and intellectual community which never wants to come out of its cage of Nehruvian or other ideologies and want to be counted secular or free just having denouncing Mr. Modi as unwanted element in India though he is now the Prime Minister by a hard-fought election campaign.

They do not want to see the difference between Mr. Nehru and his dynasty, which had the backing of their elite background, famous families or sentiments around their family to be Party bigwigs or Prime Ministers. This is called intellectual violence. They cannot be objective anytime because hatred for Modi is their intellectual food on which survives their intellectual profession.

Let us see how most other nations of the world respect Mr. Modi for his achievement and position he is holding as Indian Prime Minister and still our home-grown liberal-ideologies-fed and self-proclaimed protectors of ideals, not necessarily Indian, continue bashing him forever.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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