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Motherly Love

A woman was admitted in a hospital as she was suffering from Brain-tumor. Her sons were not caring about her.

A mother can care many sons but many sons can`t care her mother. She becomes a heavy weight - a burden - a trash to be thrown.

Mother was on the verge of death and there was no hope of life. Her sons & other relatives were around her. She died within few hours. Her son cried a lot for whole day and became ill. The next day, when her son opened his mother's cupboard, He found some tablets kept in a letter.

It was written: "Take these tablets dear, I know, you catch cold easily after crying ... You Mom".

Motherly love is great;
there is no love like motherly love.
Mother is an angel.
God can't be present everywhere
so He made mothers.
O! Mother thou are an angel
O! mother thou are God on earth


More by :  Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma

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