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Disparity Cannot be Dispensed With

We keep hearing a variety of arguments on the inequality existing in the society. Notwithstanding this, there is always a postulate that ‘Nature/Destiny (read God, if you want!) creates everyone equally and give equal opportunities for all; we only fail to comprehend that and miserably fail in achieving it.’

Start from the birth of a kid; in India, still there exists a preference between a boy and girl child. Ok, it is we who made it. Then it is the looks. Fair, dark or dusky? Why not all have the same complexion? Features? Again there are discrepancies. Well, looks have nothing to do with intelligence; can we swear that all our IQs are same! Definitely not.  Education? Again whatever one tries, only some gets the education they want and many others don’t. How to explain this? Fine. Blame it on the government and its policies. Then the job. Do all those study the same course land on the same type of jobs? Absolutely, not. Those who have come first in the academics many times stuck with a mundane and less paid positions while the below average go and shine in some other place. I can keep presenting such anomalies and anachronisms ad nauseum. But, I don’t want to.

What I want to emphasize is that ‘No two lives are same or similar’. They are totally different and the reasons? Search me. Probably, it is his ‘fate’ or ‘luck’.

Without inequalities, life cannot exist. All our lives are full of contradictions; for some it is good and colorful, for many it is just innocuous, for some it is bad and for some it is horror. As per nature, it has to be and it will be.

Once when I was conversing with a friend of mine I said ‘Life is unfair to some people.’ But, she replied ‘Why do you expect life to be fair to everyone?’ In fact, it is a candid reply.

We all walk in the roads already paved for us by some unknown hands.

The fact is that none of us can claim that we are equal in the eyes of Nature, Destiny or God.


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