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After the 2014 Lok Sabha election where BJP achieved an unprecedented success across the country shattering the dreams of many opposition parties, their party leader Narendra Modi travelled to his mother’s place to take her blessings and thereafter he held several victory celebrations, offered prayers to Kashi Viswanath, the Presiding Deity at Benaras from where he fought his election and won by a big margin and performed puja (worship) to the River Ganges. He travelled back and forth between Gujarat and Delhi to bid good bye to his constituency, Maninagar that returned him three times to Gujarat Assembly, and then to attend the BJP Working Committee Meeting in the Central Hall of Parliament where he was chosen  the leader of the party ensuring him to be country’s next Prime Minister. In each and every occasion he spoke extempore mixing facts and deep emotions.
In the following a few of his remarkable actions are outlined for general consideration.
Mother’s blessings
In human society in general and India in particular the parents, specially the mother, occupy a very significant position, and from the very childhood one is taught, ‘Janani Janmabhumisch swargadapi gariyashi’ (meaning, the mother and the motherland are greater than the heaven.). By taking mother’s blessings Narendra Modi has set a great example of not just honouring his but the mothers in general. A very noble act to touch the hearts of millions.
Prayers at Benaras
Lord Shiva, one of the Trinity in India, the other two being Brahma and Vishnu, Modi has proved that although we depend on modern science and technology for development we have not lost our ancient roots. This is very important. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, was in favour of mixing spiritualism with politics.
Worshipping the Ganges
In human history the early civilization was river-civilization, that is, man settled on the banks of the river, may it be the Egyptian along the river Nile, Babylonian along Tigress and Euphretes or Indus civilization in India. Besides this geographic importance, all the rivers, lakes and the seas are considered holy and are worshipped in India. The river Ganges occupies a special place in the minds of our countrymen. In epic Ramayana, following 12 years of drought Bhagirath, the king of Ayodhya, took up meditation for the Ganges to come down from the heaven. And she did come and Lord Shiva offered his head for her to land.
By offering puja to the Ganges, Narendra Modi captured the imagination of the millions across the world. However, we shall love to see clean rivers and other water bodies in our country.
Party election
At the time of his election to lead the party in the Central Hall of the Parliament he did a few wonderful jobs. He touched the threshold of the entrance door of the Parliament by his head, thereby giving a status of a sacred shrine to it. He did pronounce that the Parliament is the ‘Temple of democracy’. A superb gesture and a promise to uphold parliamentary democracy in the country!
In course of his lecture where he broke down he said India is his mother and so also his Party. He dedicated himself to work for the motherland, and clearly implied that every action by a citizen should be for the benefit of the nation. If this be the belief, then the taxpayer’s hard earned money shall not travel offshore to boost someone else’s coffer. Corruption shall be wiped away.
Government of the poor, by the poor and for the poor
Narendra Modi took the exception to pronounce ‘government of the poor, by the poor and for the poor’, boldly reminding his countrymen the historic Gettysburg speech of Abraham Lincoln, ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Modi shall take oath on May 26, 2014 at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Besides many dignitaries, the heads of the SAARC counties and Pakistan are cordially invited to attend this historic function. We, the people of India, are looking forward for brighter days to dawn and hope for India to play a meaningful role among the comity of the nations.


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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Comment Dr.Mallick has done a wonderful job by highlighting all that is remarkably new in Indian politics.
All those wasted years of Dynastic rule--when the so called pseudo secularists did everything to destroy age old culture of mother India.
No politician had the courage to pray in a Hindu temple,as that was not secular.But it was alright to attend non-Hindu festivities wearing Arabic dresses.
Pay salary to imams and send people for pilgrimage to Haj--all at tax payers burden.
PM Mr.Modi is showing what true secularism should be.It is alright to be a HIndu and follow the age old traditions without hurting any one`s feeling.
It is a great pleasure to read all those well written articles in BOLOJI.COM.
It is a breath of fresh air--every time I read article such as the one by Dr.Mallick.
Yes,the new INDIA will emerge under PM Mr.Modi and soon the country will be envy of the world with its former glory.
Bande Mataram.

Buddha d.Rudra
24-May-2014 22:20 PM

Comment Thank you, Seshu to 'read between the lines'. We hope a 'golden age' to dawn.

22-May-2014 22:53 PM

Comment Well reported with great insights. Good read.

22-May-2014 13:39 PM

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