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If any ordinary MP has called for a press conference to air his disapproval of an ordinance passed by Cabinet after vast and deep deliberations at the highest level of party and government to term it nonsense and criticize the party and government will he survive expulsion for the normal six year period followed by "show-cause notice"? Prince heir is above all and everything.
In India political parties are owned by families. An atheist family owns one of the Dravidian parties. And "amma" another. A former prime minister's family owns a splinter group of grand Janata Party. And another faction is being tried to be owned by a faithful follower of Ram Manohar Lohia; another disciple of Lohia owns another Janata Dal. 
The two-eyes ideology politician owns a regional political party in united/divided Andhrapradesh. Another family in the other region owns another regional party. The financial capital of India is experiencing the hot-pursuit and implementation with military like spirit regional politics owned by a former journalist; and his nephew is another political company.
A regional party of Kashmir is owned by father-son duo. It seems "Didi" "owns" Trinamool. The land of many holy places two regional parties one controlled by an action-full "behen" and the other by another fatehr-son duo. 
There are many small parties owned by individual families, one being one owned by the quid-co-pro famous son. Why Indian like family owned parties is beyond the comprehension of intellectuals on democracy. 
Actually political parties of Indian subcontinent and family ownership seems to be a common point. The reason might be thousands of years of rule by monarchies of the region. Democracy is yet to set its feet on this region. 
Citizens being vulnerable to false promises and vain slogans and conceited affection by the wily politicians is the major drawback of Indian democracy. 
Ownership of political parties by families and conducting them as another family corporate empire is one of the banes of Indian democracy. The others being intellectual dishonesty and religious following of ideology, may be socialism, social justice (a misnomer for justice because this justice encourages aiming and demanding things without deserving it in any way but only based on their forefathers' profession and blindly condemns all that is ancient Indian and never is concerned about the concerns of people not belonging to its group and maintaining its separation for obvious reasons), rationalism, atheism, anti-multiculturalism, fanaticism equal to blind faith, regionalism, sub-nationalism, religious ferocity, civilization dislike, and like many modern cultures and ways of life.
Patriotism, love for the country are missing in many modern thinkers' agenda. Non-implementable equality at cost of merit, commonsense-less compassion on living beings and their welfare above human welfare, humanism of impracticable nature, demand of human-rights with sectarian affiliations (by individuals, organizations, nations, etc.,) dominate the intellectual horizon of many an intellectual.
All these are to be addressed if democracy, liberty, equality, fraternity and the like with associated limitations have to flourish in India or in any nation of the world. Wish best of luck to all of us to have clear, calm and serene outlook about us and the world around.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Do you mean that there should not be different parties having different
policies, principles and opinions?
In parliament house Vir Savarkar is not respected by Congress Party, what
can we expect? And talking about true democracy at one hand, scams and corruption and vote bank policy on the other hand leads us down the hill.
This is after six decades of independance.

Pranlal Sheth
29-Sep-2013 23:14 PM

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