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Indian Immunodeficiency, American Freund's Adjuvant and Global Arms Race Antibodies

Neonates are unable to develop antibodies and obtain some of their defenses from mother's milk during the first three months. Thus formula-fed babies are at risk for debilitating or fatal infection. There are other children born with genetic enzyme deficiencies, who are compelled to live in protective isolation like the bubble boy. Some others in between have weak response and need a helper substance to ratchet up their defense mechanisms. Freund's adjuvant obtained by processing TB bacilli is a primer used to obtain an immune response. Nations are very similar as well. The United States mid-wifed by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton etc. was wary of entangling foreign alliances and by balancing France and Britain, pursued a dependent existence, protected by the maritime power of Britain until it grew up to become a towering behemoth, far exceeding the power of its bickering parents. Many other small nations like runt offspring and even affluent developed ones in Europe, Australia, Americas and Asia have chosen a bubble boy existence, thus partially delegating their defense and foreign policies to USA.

Russia has abdicated its superpower status but has retained an independent immune system for defense. Britain has essentially resigned itself to becoming a pet poodle of America. France, Germany and Japan, whose dormant immune systems have been repeatedly stimulated by America's withdrawal from the Kyoto, landmine and ICC treaties are flirting with the idea of giving up the sheltered life. The last straw is the new US security policy and this will lead to more demands for a European defense force and Japan's opening to Korea and China. Israel the smart nation with a motto of 'Never again' has developed WMD, sought defenses against WMD and aligned itself with
America and even has a grip on it.

It is like the story of to the ship's captain, who telephoned the estranged husband about the death of his estranged wife, while on a cruise.

Said the captain, 'Should we embalm her, cremate her or bury her at sea'.
The estranged husband promptly replied, ' Take no chances, do all three'.

Brazil and Argentina's health is so threatened by economic malnutrition that immune defense does not even appear on their current horizon.

China and India are the two who have aspirations of power and potential problems in Taiwan and Pakistan, which are incongruent and incompatible with the grand designs of America, the lone superpower. China has had better leadership and vision and has pursued its objectives with strategic foresight India has lacked vision and thus was ruled first by Muslim conquerors. Those conquerors also lacked vision and the Mughals, even in their acme of power made a deal with and depended on Portuguese and British ships to guarantee their maritime trade and sailings to Arabia for Haj. The lack of naval power and other effete policies led to colonization of India by the Europeans. Incidentally piracy was the source of wealth of England and Elizabeth, the first, Portuguese and was the riches of many American families including some Boston Brahmins. The inane policies continued under Nehru, as evidenced by the Chinese incursions and recurrent Pakistani wars. The crashing entry of India into the nuclear club was timely, as the doors have now been permanently barricaded. This is the reason why Iran and Iraq, the two relatively advanced Islamic nations with a glorious past history are seeing the handwriting on the wall and arming themselves as well as seeking nuclear weapons.

The Freund's adjuvant for the arms proliferation is the pre-emptive attack doctrine and the stereotypical warfare methodology in Iraq 1991, Serbia and Afghanistan. It is massive bombing from great heights and targeting of civilian infrastructure to break the will of the enemy. In the past United States used those measures in the terminal phases of war as with Dresden in Germany and Nagasaki and Hiroshima, during the Second World War. Then like a genetic disease due to nucleotide repeats like CAG, which shows anticipation by manifesting itself clinically earlier in later generations, it did the bombing earlier in the middle of the Vietnam War and simultaneously with ground forces in Panama. In Iraq, Serbia and Afghanistan, massive bombing was carried out for weeks prior to ground troops deployment and bridges, water and power generation systems were targeted before military installations. This is certain to goad the immune systems of sensible nations with some wherewithal to seek powerful long-range deadly surface to air and other missiles and WMD to deter attack by posing an unacceptable price of large numbers of casualties, which is the soft underbelly of the otherwise invincible Tyrannostatus Rex.

While it is admirable and right for Chomsky et al to criticize the omnipotent predatory United States and attempt to attenuate the virulence of its policy, to prevent harm to the weak and destroy the soul of the nation; it is downright foolish and wrong for Arundhati Roy et al to recommend to the weak prey, to follow a suicidal policy and cause demise of the body.   


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