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Where has Gone the World of Art?

Art World

In the cool sky among the thin clouds the moon shines bright. The shadows of the objects the bright moon draws everywhere from above the East fully, clearly and beautifully at its will take us to the world of art in the modern times too sometimes.

Science & Technology

In the world today science and technology have conquered all the fields and so, the work of art has lost its power and glory now a days. Undoubtedly between art and science, science is flying higher and higher and material power over the world has put human values in humiliation.

Even Nature, the mother of art, philosophy and science is not left with in peace. Science, the conqueror of all has entered into art and philosophy too, making the modern world say goodbye to the things of old order; consequently, art, culture and civilisation are left to take asylum in the museum.

Art and Science

The world of art synthesizes different elements into a wonderful whole. The work of Ascience explores the Universe by splitting into innumerable atoms. The power of art elevates heart, mind and soul to the level of divinity; but the power of science diminishes the glow of human spirit to eternal darkness.

Science is of much help to understand matter minutely to understand truth; but it's of no use to know anything about faith, feeling, spirit and God. It is a great weapon in the hand of man both for peace and deterrence and by its vast material power it has changed the world into a chaotic place.

War and Peace

Science and technology have increased human activities, comforts and problems too. Business and industry function according to schedules in short of time now. Man's mind as in the chess game contemplates only in terms of defence and offence. War and peace without stability go on in the minds of men endlessly in the world.

Wars had destroyed the best of arts, cultures and literatures long ago. The past foreigners had changed all the classical and traditional arts. Politics and professions have permeated corruption in all walks of life. So, the recovery of the lost splendour by reviving arts is much needed.

Modern Art

The bizarre modern arts are the expressions approved by the designs of time. Modern culture of the people today reveals a sort of desolation unfathomable. Tension, excitement and frustration lead men to seek asylum in drug culture. So the pervasive acts of sex maniacs produce ugly things in the world today.


Religion, art and science are the best creations of the earthly man, but Nature and the Universe are the finest creations of God. Like the toys in the hands of the children man's imaginative creations are; but whenever they fail him, there comes God's creations to inspire.

The best things of Nature are impossible for man to imitate in his art; but Nature always inspires man to attempt anything in some forms of art. Music, painting, poetry are the suitable forms Nature can be followed; but perfection of Nature can never be achieved in any form of art.


Philosophy is the one field that gives pleasure only to the seeker of truth. Like the eternity of Nature the land of philosophy too is endless in nature. To make infinity finite science may be of use but not completely reliable, but painting, sculpture, poetry are the forms of art useful to express truth.

The sacred ideas of religion are usually written in the poetic forms of art. Faith, love and God are spiritualized in poetry, painting and sculpture. These immortal expressions make divine spirit live in the hearts of men. So, how can man willingly leave behind such a power of art in oblivion?


Gone are the days for the expressions of divinity in all forms of art. What counts much today is humanism in the best forms of art. Now what captures the mind is the lowest level of animal passion in art and what appeals most today is the provocation of passion towards sex!

Pitiably so low the world of art has gone down nowadays that Music, Dance and Drama are simply superseded by TV, Cinema and pop music. Men passionately howl and demonically dance in the hysteric carnivals; and pass the time in the night revelries of art nakedly in dim lights!

People look below in the animal level but not above in the divine level and so, they are easily carried away by the fast flowing flood of art. Once the flood stops, they are hopelessly stranded in some alien field and so, the best thing they should have attempted could be human grandeur.

Human Grandeur

High or low for all human beings the best things free in this world are love, sympathy, sweetness, goodness, kindness, truth, joy and peace. Communication of these things enrich human value in the vital act of art and for the betterment of the world human grandeur is enough to highlight.

All the artists are the very important persons in the world of art so to say. But the real artists live like the great creator invisible in their creations. Confluence of love and truth is the culmination of their creations in art. Such masters are very, very rare indeed in the present day world of art!

Noble artists know how to escape to the world of art at their will. They should not be satisfied with their own art for art's sake policy. They should also show us how to reach their world whenever needed so that the sufferings of the society can be softened now and then.


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Comment The age of science has by degrees become the age of atheism and based on the objectivity of reality that used to be the domain of the divine, every aspect of it from creation to the control of events. The axiom of science is the examinatuion of and derivation from what is immediately observable, and on that plane. Thus evolution as a theory is based on the observable on the plane of the observable, without any concern for the why and wherefore, except that the process is observable. As for art, it is atheistic, an expression of the sensibility in a modern age, whose level is that of materiality, inevitably the chaos of perception of reality as the hallmark of artistic merit. That is why science has to be completely overhauled and reinterpreted, most evidently by a theory of the identity basis of reality, which science utilises but has not defined, where existence forms are sustained as identity forms, identity that has no substance yet is the basis of reality. Identity presumes a knowing context, and that is not merely human in scale but, encompasssing all the forms of the universe as they exist, divine in scale.

10-Dec-2014 08:00 AM

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