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Nadir of Indiscipline

The indiscipline levels in India are mind boggling. To disobey the laws of any sort seems to be a matter of pride and prestige for any average Indian. The roads of all the cosmos are invariably in a state of chaos. The pedestrians have hardly any space to walk; these are either occupied by the ‘poor’ or shop owners (shops are allowed in any place in India!) or the owners of the houses in some way or other.  If one does not find any such thing don’t feel happy; because it will have human excreta or a public urinal. 

The public gets valor all of a sudden for something and it reaches a pinnacle and drops dead. The recent example is the huge demos staged against the ‘rape and murder’ of a ‘brave girl’. But, surprisingly, a weak looking lawyer has spoken to the television cameras that he has planned to save the lives of the criminals because they are not only ‘innocents’ but also ‘minors’. Where are those who created a big hue and cry earlier now to ‘annihilate’ the criminals leaving this lawyer who speaks in defence of the criminals? Perhaps, they are honoring the ‘democracy’ and ‘right to express one’s views’! Strange country! 

One side India laments about the ‘poor’ who are below the poverty line. In another, they want to bring the FDI to make the lives of the people richer! In every state, plenty of reports on the cases of land grabbing, cheating, rape and robbery keep appearing everyday in the newspapers. On one side there is lot of discourses going in the name of philosophy, morality and honesty but on the other side these were the scenarios. 

Should we surprised by these? Why? Even during the avatar of Rama and Krishna in Thretayuga and Dwaparayuga we had such criminal acts right under the nose of the Supreme God! But we are after all in ‘Kaliyug’ now and we do not have any ideas or signs about the ‘avatar’ of ‘God’! 

I am sure India had already touched the nadir of immorality and indiscipline. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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