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Live to Bear a Witness to Truth

Bear witness to the truth. If you wish to see the miraculous working, growth in his constant presence is essential. The awareness of God is within you. It is divine, develop it with prayer. Keep him in remembrance, as you are not alone God is with you.

Form a habit at all times. Initially it will be mechanical, but soon you will see and feel the change, you will start receiving messages. He is watching us, there is nothing to worry about.

Never neglect your daily appointment with God.

Sit in silence. Avoid the three killers, telephone, calendar and clock. It is in the depth within that we see God . He is more real than all we see with outside eyes. Yearn for God as a child yearns for his mother. (Mother hiding behind the door-Haresh Batra’s satsang on 31 July-2016)  Every spare moment is precious...use it to utmost fulfillment consciously. Engage yourself with divine conversation – saying Lord I need you.

Positive attitude shapes character.

A beautiful example of three stone cutters who all answered differently to the same question.

The first man said 'I am cutting stone.'
The second man said ' I do it for livelihood.'
The third man who was doing the same work as other too said - 'I am helping to build a church.'

It is your attitude that makes the faith work to reality.

There is nothing impossible for God

What is impossible for man is possible for God. Hand over to God with childlike faith. Call him by repeating a positive line-’ Oh Lord help me, you are my master.’

Never lose your temper

If you are right you don't need to lose their temper
If you are wrong you cannot afford to loose the temper

One man went to collect funds for the poor. When he asked rich man for help, he slapped him. The man cleaned his face with kerchief and said - ‘that is for me, what are you going to give for the poor.’

Develope a healthy sense of humor:

Laugh with others not at others. Laughter develops physical, mental and spiritual heights too.

Once on a visit to the lunatic asylum, patient who was being discharged on that day after 3 years. He asked Jawaharlal Nehru - ‘ who are you?’

In answer Nehru told him that he was the Prime Minister of India….”
‘wait for 3 years and they will cure you.’

‘The best moments of my life I spend in lap of another man's wife.
’Who was she?’
‘The other woman was my father's wife.’

‘Oh what a ugly portrait is this on the wall.’ Said one man.
The other man said to him,’ It is a mirror!’

Student to a teacher ‘should we be punished for what we don't do’
‘ No’ the teacher.
‘ I have not done my Homework.’

A young girl prays God’ - ‘God give me nothing, but give my mother a healthy, wealthy, handsome son-in-law.

A blind man at the street corner was standing with both hands stetched. The Samaritan who used to give him Rs 5 everyday, asked him the reason. The reply was ‘Sir the business was doing good, so I opened another branch.’

Help others

Go out of your way to help others without expecting when you need help it will reach you in abundance.

A Godly Man once found a traveler who faced a snowstorm lying breathless on the road. He took him to his warm hut, served him. When the man revived, he wished to reward him richly. But the good man laughed and said’ it was his duty to help him.’

Then he was asked for his name to which he replied  - ’Is the name of the Good Samaritan mentioned in the Bible?’
‘No’ Was the answer.
‘Then let me with hold mine.’

Help others on the road of life to reduce the loss of grief, sorrow, worry. Give as much as you can on any occasion. You help yourself by helping others. Amen


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