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Our Most Enigmatic Life

It is claimed and believed that humans are the best creations of Nature, and they rule the whole world. They are blessed with a unique form and the most particular part ‘brain’ which keeps thinking and how to overcome nature, diseases and live happily with luxury.

But the same brain also creates as many problems as possible because of its power. There is always a thirst in humans to overtake the other be it in the profession or personal life. Everyone wants to show up that they are one step ahead of the other be it an intelligent man or a stupid one.

The major achievement in life is earning and stalking wealth seems to be a universal quality and condition. The more wealth one has the more comforts one gets; the more power one has higher will be the victories. There are no limits for these both, power, money, and also satisfaction.

When I recently heard a disturbing tale of a septuagenarian, to be honest, I was shocked and surprised. He seems to have earned and all his wealth deserves appreciation because he had the brain as well as talent for those achievements. He lives in a palatial house with any comfort you name, and his religious faith is something outstanding. To put it in a nutshell, he is a man to be envied by one and all.

But he feels that he had failed. Where?

He has a son and a daughter who are well educated from foreign universities of repute. Nevertheless, both do not care for him or his wife. They live in the same place but as islands. Both are above forty and not married. They show least interest for their parents though they are nearby. The intelligent and industrious guy who had earned so much wealth couldn’t find the exact reason for their indifference or being single?

What really surprises me when I hear this tale, that he is a very pious and God-fearing man and never misses the opportunity to do hefty donations for temples.

Now, is it not expected that the God should take care of him or his wards and for the cordial relationships as well the marriage and normal lives of the son and daughter.

If we ask a spiritual person, he may say that it is his ‘karma’ or ‘sin’. If we go to a psychologist, he will accuse the parents either for not bringing them up in a proper way or not showing his care and affection in the right manner during growing stage.

Why for someone who is intelligent, pious, with loads of wealth has to suffer notwithstanding all the good deeds he had done and still doing? Expect any logical answer?

I don’t think we will ever.

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