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He Came, He Spoke, He Conquered

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister came to America, spoke to many groups and addressed the ‘Prabasi Bharatvasi’ at Madison Square Garden so eloquently that all those present at the venue and those who were fortunate to witness the programme on their T.V.sets at home and outside through live telecast were simply swept off their feet. Words well measured, meaningful, down -to- earth flowed like Ganga mayya at Haridwar inspiring impressively, convincing confidently, cheering the spirits like the first ray of sun at dawn, cooing of the koel and divine taste of nectar.

Not even the hard core opponents of Narendra Modi ji dare say it was a futile exercise. Starting on a sedate note Modi, the magician, mesmerized the people with an occasional  anecdote, a reflection here and there and well organized development of his pet themes. He never lost sight of connecting with all sections of the audience in America, as he does in India. After a pretty long time one could proudly say, “Look, this is our Prime Minister. Listen to him first and then say something about him.” Thank you honorable Prime Mininster sir, for doing India and Indians proud!

The manner of unfolding his dreams, his vision for the progress of the motherland and prosperity of all and the string of offerings and promises extended virtually made people ecstatic and the frenzy of Modi fans is to be seen to be believed. Beaming faces, nodding heads in approval and enthusiasm on view so spontaneously at Madison Square Garden , will certainly give Modi-bashers sleepless nights and unending hours of self examination. Self styled intellectuals, who manage to survive merely by maligning him day in and day out, may find it hard to digest the public adulation and approval of his plans to strengthen India.

The very presence of so many American senators at the venue of Modi’s elevating performance testifies to the enormous following he commands in the world’s largest democracy and the magnitude of American confidence he could garner on his first visit as Prime Minister of India. From Mangalyaan to the Mahatma; from Chaiwallah to seller of dreams of prosperity to those settled in the promising land of plenty and personal freedom; from cleansing of Ganga mayya to expressing gratitude to Gandhi ji in a befitting manner in 2019; what all Narendra Modi said was lapped up with unalloyed glee and unreserved respect.Self respect of the Indians was exalted millionfold.

This brief response immediately after listening to him and seeing him stand so tall at Madison Square Garden is a small person’s appreciation, approval and humble way of saying “Thank You, sir!”

Certainly better days are ahead for India and Indians everywhere. The only thing that is to be done is to keep off from doubting Toms.


More by :  Dr. T. S. Chandra Mouli

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